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Career Development Tools for Hospice Leaders

NHPCO provides opportunities for hospice leaders (executives, managers and directors) to complete and benefit from recognized and validated leadership assessments as a way to enhance their career development. 

Assessments can help you understand where you are now: your strengths, level of performance and development needs, and help you clarify what you need to learn, improve, or change.  Having the information, feedback and insight provided by assessments not only motivates you to close the gaps, but also provides clues as to how those gaps might be closed.

The following instruments are available through NHPCO; each includes a confidential meeting (by phone) with an NHPCO Leadership Coach (certified in the instrument) for interpretation, discussion, application and development of goals.   If you are unsure which assessment would be best for you, an NHPCO Leadership Coach is available to explain the merits and applications of each and help you discern which would be most beneficial to you.

  • Benchmarks                  A 360° Assessment 
  • CEP                              Career management assessment
  • DISC                             Behavioral Style Assessment
  • FIRO B                          Workplace Relationship Assessment
  • Leadership Report        Leadership Style
  • MBTI                             Personality Type Assessment
  • Thomas Kilman            Conflict Management Assessment

Descriptions and Pricing

Benchmarks (from the Center for Creative Leadership)

A developmental, 360 degree assessment that provides feedback on 16 key executive competencies and your leadership potential.

Colleagues, direct reports and your supervisor each complete an assessment of your abilities in teamwork, resourcefulness, flexibility and conflict management. Follow-up questions and personalized feedback will help you enhance your leadership efforts and reduce your risk for career derailment.  More information Fee for Benchmarks                      Members....... $625         Non members..... $780 Click Here to Register

CEP (Career Effectiveness Profile) A career management self- assessment that measures your performance on sixteen behavioral competencies and five dimensions of career management.  More information Click Here to Register


A behavioral style self-assessment that identifies preferred behavior patterns and tendencies within four dimensions:

  • Dominance: how you tend to overcome daily challenges
  • Influence: how you tend to persuade and influence others to change
  • Steadiness: how you work with your current environment
  • Conscientiousness: how you respond to fear and your desire for accuracy and quality details.

The instrument identifies your behavior profile and the results help you gain insight into the natural and adaptive behavioral styles of yourself and others.   More information

Fee for DISC                                   Members....... $375         Non-members..... $470 Click here to Register

FIRO B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior)

A workplace relationship assessment that helps you understand your needs for inclusion, control and “affection”and how those needs shape interactions with others.

Fee for FIRO- B                               Members....... $125         Non-members..... $160 Click here to Register

MBTI ( Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) A personality type assessment that addresses individual preference for each of four personality “traits:”

  • Extraversion and introversion
  • Sensing and intuiting
  • Thinking and feeling  
  • Judging and perceiving

The MBTI is a widely used assessment for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others.  More information

Fee for MBTI                                  Members....... $200         Non-members..... $250 Click here to Register

Leadership Report A combination of the MBTI and the FIRO B (see above) that helps you expand your understanding of the leadership style you use and how others both perceive and react to it. More information

Fee for Leadership Report            Members....... $275         Non-members..... $350 Click here to Register

Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

A conflict management assessment that identifies your preferred mode for handling conflict and provides detailed information within five modes:

  • Competing
  • Collaborating
  • Compromising
  • Avoiding
  • Accommodating

Using TKI, individuals can learn to move beyond conflict and focus on achieving organizational goals and business objectives.  More information

Fee for TKI                                      Members....... $250         Non-members..... $315 Click here to Register