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Provider Members (Hospice and Palliative Care)

2015 Online Renewal

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Questions? E-mail solutions@nhpco.org or call the Solutions Center at 800/646-6460.

Benefits of Membership:

Benefits of Provider Membership

Hospice Advocacy

Advocacy is one of the most important NHPCO member benefits because we represent the collective voice of hospice and palliative care providers, professionals, volunteers, caregivers, patients and families on Capitol Hill and before regulatory agencies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Every day, hospice, palliative, and other health care providers are faced with a never ending stream of regulations and legislative developments. NHPCO works in partnership with our members toward our shared goals.

NHPCO’s affiliate organization, the  Hospice Action Network provides a more aggressive and comprehensive voice that serves the entire field and one of America’s most vulnerable populations – those nearing the end of life.

As part of your membership dues, NHPCO’s Public Policy Team offers effective advocacy training to individual hospice providers and state hospice organizations. This training provides the knowledge and confidence needed to make an impact in Congress. This focused training and guidance is only one of the many benefits of membership. NHPCO’s leadership is trusted and recognized on Capitol Hill. Among the services we offer our members:

  • Full representation of the entire hospice and palliative care community, delivering strong, consistent messages on the Hill.
  • Ongoing support of initiatives for rate protection, cap reformulation, advance care planning, concurrent care, palliative care consultations, outlier payments and more opportunities to increase access to the best end-of-life care.
  • Close monitoring of legislation affecting end-of-life care and engagement with key stakeholders.
  • The NHPCO Legislative Action Center, an online advocacy tool that connects Hospice Advocates with their elected officials and allows for up-to-the-minute updates between Capitol Hill and the hospice community. A Public Policy Team available to lead advocacy training sessions at both state and individual provider levels.
  • The Advocacy Intensive- a free, one-of-a-kind event geared towards telling Congress the very best hospice stories. The Intensive is a free two day member event in Washington DC, that focuses on congressional meetings, and best practices in Hospice Advocacy and Public Policy. It is a cornerstone of the grassroots program at NHPCO and the Hospice Action Network.
  • And the list goes on...

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NHPCO works through its committees, volunteers and staff to provide ongoing advocacy for hospice and palliative care in the regulatory arena. Learn more... Our regulatory assistance and resource materials can help you meet your quality improvement and compliance needs.  Just a few of our services include:

  • Our regulatory and compliance team will not only respond to your day-to-day needs, but will also monitor trends in the hospice community, provide a guide for the development of Frequently Asked Questions and the development of future resource materials.
  • NHPCO has technology-based tools and guides that facilitate daily hospice operations, staff education, data collection and finance.
  • Ongoing development of compliance resource materials, such as information on specific diseases, their admission criteria, and information on competencies for staff in providing care for patients with that diagnosis.
  • Work with the National Quality Forum regarding best practices for hospice and palliative care and its applicability to hospice and palliative care providers.
  • And the list goes on…

Our specialized services assist you with the most current regulatory information in the hospice industry.  We can be contacted at regulatory@nhpco.org

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As a provider member of NHPCO, your program is included in the “Find A Provider” search on NHPCO’s Web site and the electronic membership directory. Referrals are also made to many of the tens of thousands of NHPCO HelpLine (800/658-8898) callers. HelpLine callers and www.caringinfo.org visitors can receive many free resources, including state-specific advance directives and consumer brochures on a variety of end-of-life topics. Only NHPCO members have the opportunity to get referrals directly from NHPCO via the HelpLine and Web sites! A value add for your program!

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Regulatory and Compliance Assistance

NHPCO’s Regulatory and Compliance Assistance staff offers members assistance in the areas of planning, reimbursement, fund-raising, regulations, training, research, hospice and palliative care management, nursing home care and managed care. They work hard to insure resources and information are available through publications, NHPCO’s website, and direct contact. In addition the Regulatory and Compliance team :

  • Will respond to your day-to-day needs, and monitor trends in the hospice community that will help guide the development of future resource materials.
  • Develops technology-based tools and guides that facilitate daily hospice operations.
  • Providers ongoing development of compliance resource materials, such as information on specific diseases, their admission criteria, and information on competencies for staff in providing care for patients with that diagnosis.
  • Works with the National Quality Forum regarding best practices for hospice and palliative care and its applicability to hospice and palliative care providers.

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Material Safety Data Sheets Program

For your convenience, NHPCO has partnered with a new program to provide our members with easy access to MSDS/chemical information. NHPCO and MSDSonline® now offers our members a  special discounted rate to the MSDS program. OSHA requires that health care agencies have readily available MSDS sheets for each hazardous chemical or cleaning product they use, a data sheet from the manufacturer that lists the potential hazards and health effects, and describes the measures to take in case of an emergency. It is a cumbersome process to gather these forms called material safety data sheets for all products and to keep them up to date.

MSDSonline® gives you access to the most comprehensive MSDS database. It is always at your fingertips, available online, day or night, from any computer connected to the Internet; giving you the freedom to access MSDSs when and where you need to. In addition to their powerful search engine, you also get online eBinder storage for your MSDSs. Think of it as your personal filing cabinet to store and manage the MSDSs you need to access frequently. With the eBinder, you never have to keep searching for the same MSDS twice. For additional information, please visit MSDSonline® at www.msdsonline.com or contact NHPCO’s Solutions Center at solutions@nhpco.org.

If you are already part of our MSDS program CLICK HERE to access must have information

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Committees and Task Forces

NHPCO depends on its members to support the work of the organization through its committee structure.  Members continue to contribute significant time and expertise to advancing the organization.  By participating, members have the opportunity to take on a leadership role and impact national issues.  Current committees include:  Ethics, Professional Education, Public Policy, Research, Governance, and Standards.

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NHPCO’s Office of Research undertakes data gathering and analysis at the national level and organizes the results in various reporting formats to provide practical and important information.  For example, the annual National Summary of Hospice Care includes information on hospice demographics, practices, and industry effectiveness that can be used by providers to define strategic goals, set operating targets, and monitor trends in hospice practice. 

Additionally, the Office of Research supports NHPCO’s Quality Initiative through data collection and reporting on a variety of performance measures.  NHPCO measures are a valuable performance measurement tool to improve patient care quality and organizational results and can serve as the basis for QAPI compliance.  NHPCO provides online data submission and reporting as a member benefit for all of its performance measures.

What’s Ahead for Research?

  • A new study that will examine changes to the Medicare Hospice per diem payment system to better align payments to patient/family needs.
  • Completion of the new “Patient Evaluation of Hospice and Palliative Care” tool for performance measurement.
  • A published review of the impact of hospice care on patients care in nursing facilities.

NHPCO Performance Measurement Tools

Tools for Evaluation of Care

Organization and Program Evaluation Tools

For more information about the NHPCO Research department, download our  Research Department flier or visit us at www.nhpco.org/research.

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Internal and External Communications

NHPCO provides materials that assist member hospice and palliative care providers in communicating the value of hospice and palliative care to the public and professional communities.

National Hospice/Palliative Care Month

Every year, November is celebrated as National Hospice/Palliative Care Month. This is a special time to teach people about quality end-of-life care, salute the caregivers in our communities, and honor the people we serve.  But  November is not the only time to focus on outreach. NHPCO develops an annual Outreach Guide that provides resources for use throughout the year.

The Guide offers suggestions for outreach and engagement, print ads that can be customized by members,  suggested templates for press releases and public service announcement scripts, sample PowerPoint presentations, and a collection of educational articles on CD and online. NHPCO’s official hospice/palliative care month poster also helps members draw attention to this important period of outreach.

Other opportunities for outreach include World Hospice Palliative Care Day in October followed by Veterans Day, World AIDS Day, and more.


NewsBriefs is packed with information on current developments at NHPCO and in the hospice and palliative care community. NewsBriefs is sent weekly to members via e-mail and is also available on www.nhpco.org.


NewsLine is a monthly newsletter providing relevant news and practical advice about hospice and palliative care trends, regulatory issues, legislative activities, organizational news, membership updates, and upcoming events.

NewsLine is available to all members in Digital and in PDF format online at www.nhpco.org. Twice a year, an expanded issue of the member newsletter, NewsLine/Insights is published that includes articles contributed by members of the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals. These special Insights editions focuses on special topics and the work of the interdisciplinary team.

Member Alerts

Delivered directly to members via email, member alerts provide breaking news on critical issues concerning communications, legislative, regulatory, and grassroots issues.

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Caring Connections and the LIVE Campaign

It’s About How You LIVE

In 2005, NHPCO launched a national consumer and community engagement initiative to improve care at the end of life. Caring Connections brings together community, state and national partners to improve end-of-life care through the It’s About How You LIVE campaign. The goal of the LIVE campaign is to provide a unified message across the country that motivates people to take action to improve end-of-life care for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities.

LIVE campaign partners and NHPCO members can access community outreach tools and resources at

www.caringinfo.org to help engage members of your community in end-of-life issues. Caring Connections provides materials and programming at NHPCO conferences and audio conferences, and offers content licensing opportunities on more than 40 consumer education materials for NHPCO members at reduced rates.

Caring Connections provides practical information to help individuals make informed decisions about end-of-life care. Topics include advance care planning, caregiving, serious illness, grief and community outreach. Consumers and family caregivers can receive free copies of brochures and state-specific advance directives via the Web site www.caringinfo.org, the NHPCO HelpLine 800/658-8898 and the Multilingual HelpLine

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NHPCO’s Marketplace offers the most comprehensive selection of technical material, leadership and management resources, professional development, consumer education brochures, books and videos to assist hospice and palliative programs to provide the best service to patients and their families. The inventory ranges from easy to read books such as Chicken Soup for the Caregivers Soul to the Medical Guidelines for Determining Prognosis in Selected Non-Cancer Diseases. With over 800 products available, for bereavement, grief, clinical needs, regulatory issues, marketing and more, we are the largest retailer of products geared for the hospice and palliative care interdisciplinary team.

All our products are selected with the needs of our members in mind and with the expertise of professionals in the field. All products are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online at www.nhpco.org/marketplace. NHPCO members receive special discounts on all products.

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NHPCO’s Professional Development Program

NHPCO provides distance, in-person and self-directed educational programs and resources on a range of clinical and leadership topics to meet the needs of hospice and palliative care leaders and practitioners. Continuing education/continuing medical education is provided for counselors, nurses, physicians and social workers. NHPCO members receive significant discounts to all NHPCO educational events.

Distance Learning:

  • Webinars: 12 interdisciplinary focused and 12 quality/regulatory focused webinars make up NHPCO’s annual Webinar series for group participation. Additional Webinars are scheduled to address emergent needs.
  • E-OL (End-of-Life Education Online): asynchronous, self-paced, self-contained learning courses for individual participation.
  • Instructor-Led Courses: Synchronous, facilitated modules of the Hospice Manager Development Program featuring in-depth exploration of select management topics.

National Conferences:

  • Management and Leadership Conference (MLC); held in the spring of each year.
  • Clinical Team Conference and Pediatric Intensive (CTC); held in the fall of each year.
  • Virtual Conference; held annually.

Leadership Programs:

  • Hospice Manager Development Program; geared toward new or developing hospice managers. Provides three levels of designation.
  • Executive Leadership Program; executive leadership track of sessions at each MLC. 
  • Executive Leadership Conversations with President and CEO Don Schumacher, Leadership Matters: Skills, Competencies and Strategies for New Hospice Executives, Leadership Coaching and Assessments.

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Complimentary National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals (NCHPP) Membership

All volunteers and employees of NHPCO provider members are eligible for a free membership to NCHPP.  This allows access to more information and resources to increase knowledge and expertise to better serve patients and families.

What benefits will I receive?

A range of benefits are offered that can help you do your job better:

  • The opportunity to enroll in NHPCO’s professional networking site, which is a great way to share ideas and network with colleagues.
  • Full access to the NHPCO Website including the latest regulatory and compliance updates.
  • The quarterly online newsletter, eNCHPP produced by the National Council of Hospice and Palliative Professionals.
  • NHPCO’s weekly e-newsletter, NewsBriefs.
  • Online access to NHPCO’s membership magazines, NewsLine and Insights.
  • Discounts on NHPCO conference and educational offerings as well as items in NHPCO’s Marketplace.
  • Plus, online access to the resources in NHPCO’s Quality Partners program to help you prepare for compliance with the new hospice CoPs.

How do I enroll?

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Free Technical Materials

Many of the NHPCO monographs and technical materials (Standards of Practice for Hospice Care) are available in a PDF format via www.nhpco.org.

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My.NHPCO is our exclusive virtual community created to enhance professional networking for NHPCO members; My.NHPCO lets you connect, care and share. Similar to other popular networking sites, My.NHPCO gives you the power to share your expertise and learn from your peers.  You can participate in end-of-life care discussions through blogging, document and resource sharing, eGroups and much more.

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NHPCO Solutions Center    

  • NHPCO Solutions Center -- Call NHPCO's Solutions Center between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, Eastern Time at 800/646-6460. We are here as your “one-stop service center” to take your Marketplace order, answer your membership and conference registration questions, and assist you with your member benefits.
  • Mailing List Rental -- As a provider member, your program may rent NHPCO's mailing list for a one time use. Use the list to contact other hospices, market your products and services, and network with professionals in a specific discipline. Contact Infocus Marketing, Inc. at 800/708-LIST for more information.

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