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Press Releases

2014/07/30 - 10:09am | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
July 30, 2014

2014 Circle of Life Award® Recognizes Innovative Providers of End-of-Life Care

NHPCO and NHF salute the distinguished honorees that are models for the field

2014/07/28 - 10:00am | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
July 28, 2014

Baltimore Area Family Plays Pivotal Role in Highlighting Pediatric Hospice Care

Baby Amanda’s story has already touched thousands nationwide.

2014/07/18 - 12:29pm | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
July 18, 2014

New CMS Guidance on Part D and Hospice Should Benefit Dying Patients

NHPCO Applauds Measure that will Bring Relief to Dying Patients and Family Caregivers and reduce confusion among hospice providers and Part D sponsors

2014/07/16 - 2:01pm | Press Releases

July 16, 2014

One Voice: Serving All Patients and Families

This resolution was originally endorsed by the NHPCO Board in 2008 and ratified thereafter by successive NHPCO Boards. The message of this document continues to hold true and resonates today and NHPCO’s leadership shares this document with the diverse hospice and palliative care community.

2014/07/01 - 4:49pm | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
July 1, 2014

Dying Medicare Beneficiaries Still Being Denied their Medications Under Harmful CMS Policy

NHPCO Reports Focused Advocacy and Congressional Sign-on Letters have Brought Some Results but not yet a Halt to the Policy

2014/06/30 - 3:55pm | Press Releases
2014/06/26 - 4:01pm | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
June 26, 2014

Media Attention Highlights NHPCO’s Ongoing Call for Better Hospice Oversight

Hospice Community has long supported more frequent federal surveys

2014/06/25 - 2:39pm | Press Releases

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2014

CMS Convenes Part D and Hospice Stakeholders to Discuss Policy

NHPCO encourages Congress to Support Senate and House Sign-on Letters Halting Policy Implementation

2014/06/25 - 9:14am | Press Releases

For Immediate Release:
June 25, 2014

Free Resource Helps Patients & Families Choose a Quality Hospice

NHPCO’s Offers Guidance to Help People Make a Choice about a Hospice Provider

2014/06/23 - 12:47pm | Press Releases

Message on Recent Huffington Post Coverage of Hospice
June 23, 2014

Negative press is a concern that all of us take very seriously.

Last week, I was invited by the Huffington Post to appear on a web-chat on Thursday afternoon, June 19, 2014 about hospice in the U.S.  While they were not particularly forthcoming about the context of their discussion when the invitation was extended, I knew that there was more of an agenda than a simple discussion of hospice.