NHPCO’s Information Technology Advisory Council provides strategic guidance and technical expertise to NHPCO and its members related to the use of information technology in the provision and documentation of palliative care and hospice.

NHPCO recognizes that the evolution of health care requires a transformation of Information Technology and other related resources for palliative care and hospice providers to successfully participate in multiple reimbursement models (e.g. fee-for-service and value-based).  The Council will include representatives from NHPCO members and vendors to foster collaboration and new ideas in the development of tools, enhancements,  and resources.  IT topics to be addressed include interoperability, hospice regulations and compliance, palliative care practitioner documentation to support billing and coding, documentation enhancements and optimization to support quality reporting and analytics (hospice and MIPS), etc.  Other technology topics may include virtual care, integration of technology into the EMR, identification of seriously ill populations, population health management, etc. The group meets monthly.

Full Council member expectations can be found in the Guidelines for Committees and Councils.

Contact: Don Sievert, 703-647-8509