Target Audience

Leaders and aspiring leaders working to advance the field of hospice and palliative care will comprise the audience for this conference, which is planned by the interdisciplinary leadership team, for the interdisciplinary leadership team. Leaders and aspiring leaders includes CEO/Executive Director/President, other c-suite officers (such as COO, CFO, CMO, CNO), clinical management, operations management (such as HR, IT, Marketing), aspiring leaders, and other interdisciplinary team leaders working to promote the advancement of hospice and palliative care.

Learning Outcomes

The 2022 Leadership and Advocacy Conference will provide a robust educational program that enables hospice and palliative care leaders and aspiring leaders to achieve these learning outcomes:

      • Determine ways to deliver person centered care while efficiently managing the health care of individuals living with serious illness.
      • Recognize ways to transform the health care delivery system in innovative ways that increase quality and access to care while addressing compliance and cost issues.
      • Identify ways to navigate a post-pandemic world, where change is near-constant, self-care and resiliency are essential, and employee morale and work force shortages are addressed.
      • Distinguish ways to build interdisciplinary team leadership by mentoring and developing next generation leaders, valuing members on the interdisciplinary team, integrating succession planning, and envisioning one’s career path.