2021 Leadership and Advocacy Conference

Audience/Outcomes Rates and Registration Keynotes

Target Audience

Executive leadership and management at all levels of hospice and palliative care will comprise the audience for this conference, including presidents and CEOs, administrators, directors, clinical managers, finance and development professionals, quality and performance improvement professionals, regulatory and compliance officers, marketing and public relations professionals, educators, researchers and other leaders working to promote advancement of hospice and palliative care and plan its future development.

Learning Outcomes

The 2021 Leadership and Advocacy Conference will provide a robust educational program that enables hospice and palliative care leaders to achieve these learning outcomes:

      • Describe effective organizational systems, processes and management approaches (clinical and operational)
      • Identify emerging markets and potential partnering opportunities for hospice and palliative care program expansion
      • Discuss innovative approaches in engagement and marketing to increase access to care and advance the development of hospice and palliative care
      • Describe financial management challenges and implement effective solutions
      • Highlight successful fund development approaches and strategies
      • Distinguish leadership and management skills to lead hospice and palliative care programs
      • Illustrate emerging and established community-based palliative care programs
      • Discuss quality requirements, assessment and improvement practices
      • Employ strategies to respond to changes and challenges in the regulatory arena
      • Formulate practices to promote staff development and excellence in performance