Welcome: To the 2019 Virtual Conference: Overcoming the Challenges of Community-Based Palliative Care. We’re glad you’re participating with more than a thousand of your colleagues from across the country. We have been working hard to ensure that the conference experience will exceed your expectations and we’re eager to get started!

Virtual Conference Website: Organization Coordinators/Individuals will receive login/password information to access the Virtual Conference website (which is a different location than NHPCO, AAHPM and HPNA’s websites; use) prior to the start of the conference.  We encourage you to become familiar with the Virtual Conference website so that it is easy for you to navigate when the Virtual Conference begins on Wednesday, July 17. If you do not receive a login/password, contact jbrown@nhpco.org right away!

Time Zones: Please note Virtual Conference session times are in the U.S. Eastern Time zone!

Organization Registrants*: Two logins/passwords will be provided to Organization Coordinators, allowing access via two computers/locations at the same time. Unless you have registered for “additional sites” (i.e. computers) at your location, you are allowed access through two computers only for the Virtual Conference. A separate email address is required for each login (i.e. two per registration). An unlimited number of individuals can participate through the Organization Registration and are eligible to receive CE/CME credit for sessions attended. If you do not receive two logins/passwords for your organization’s access, contact jbrown@nhpco.org right away!

Additional Sites*: Organization registrants with an “Additional Site” registration will receive two additional logins/passwords per additional site registration. Be sure NHPCO has unique email addresses for each access to the Virtual Conference.

Individual Registrants: One login/password will be provided to Individual Registrants, allowing access via one computer/location at a time. Only the individual that registered is eligible to participate in the Virtual Conference and to receive CE/CME credit for sessions attended.

Virtual Conference Agenda: Be sure you have the final Virtual Conference Agenda; updates may have been made to previous versions. We recommend that you distribute to those participating from your organization.

Technical Requirements: Ensure that you or your organization will be able to access the Virtual Conference without problems by reviewing the Technical Requirements, conducting browser tests and meeting hardware and software requirements. Conducting these tests in advance is critical to your successful conference experience. Pay particular attention to bandwidth needs; if you do not have adequate bandwidth, live-streaming plenary sessions will not work properly. Here is a helpful article.

Sound: Sound for the Virtual Conference will be projected through your computer speakers.

If you are hosting a number of people in a conference room, make sure that you have a sound system or speakers that can project the sound into the room. Please plan for this in advance so that you do not miss sessions due to lack of adequate speakers. Please test in advance to ensure good sound quality.

If you receive an “echo” while you are listening, it is likely that you have two “windows” open. Close one and the echo will stop.

If you experience sound problems after a session has started, contact technical support: nhpco@commpartners.com or 800-274-9390.

Organization Coordinators: As the person who registered for the Virtual Conference on behalf of your organization, we will count on you to coordinate things on your end. Please provide the Virtual Conference Agenda to participants at your site, distribute handouts for conference sessions, communicate with participants at your site about attendance and CE/CME requirements/deadlines and ensure each participant completes the required evaluations.

Session PowerPoints/Handouts: Session PowerPoints/handouts will be posted on the Virtual Conference website for easy downloading/printing in advance of the Virtual Conference (you will have access beginning July 10). If a specific session is missing a PowerPoint/handout, we will post it as soon as it is available.

Virtual Library: Take advantage of a variety of videos that are included in the Virtual Conference. Access the Video Library from the Virtual conference website. Play them during the breaks or use them to begin or end your day.

Recorded Sessions: If you did not get a chance to participate in all sessions during the live conference, you can access the recorded sessions. Recorded sessions will be available 24/7 through midnight on Friday, October 18, 2019. All session handouts are available throughout the duration of the recorded access. Share the conference content, invite partners and other stakeholders to view session recordings and plan in-service sessions for the interdisciplinary team. You’ll be able to enjoy the keynote and concurrent education sessions and visit the Video Library. We encourage you to take advantage of the additional time and access your conference registration provides! As during the live conference, a specific login/password can be used from only one computer/electronic device at a time.

Continuing Education/Continuing Medical Education Credit: Continuing education/continuing medical education credit is available for APRNs, nurses and physicians who participate in the live Virtual Conference (July 17-18).

A Certificate of Participation for Non-physician Healthcare Professionals is available for other disciplines that participate in the live Virtual Conference, July 17-18. This certificate can be submitted to state licensing boards for continuing education credit. This certificate will indicate the Virtual Conference was certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s) TM. 

CE/CME credit for this conference:

      • A maximum of 8 hours available for advanced practice registered nurses, nurses and physicians (depending upon number of sessions attended and evaluated)
      • A Certificate of Participation for Non-physician Healthcare Professionals is available for other disciplines as desired
      • Only available for “live” conference sessions attended July 17 – 18, 2019 (not for recorded sessions)
      • There is no processing fee
      • Deadline to complete process for CE/CME credit is Friday, August 16, 2019 (midnight).
      • A late fee of $50 will be charged for requests after the deadline (CE/CME requests will NOT be accepted after October 18, 2019).

To receive CE/CME credit for this conference, you must:

      • Login using your NHPCO login/password to access the site.
      • If you need help with your password, contact NHPCO’s Solution Center at: 800-646-6460
      • NOTE: if you do not have an NHPCO login/password, select “Click here to create a profile” and continue; select “update profile” at the end of the form
      • Accept Terms and Conditions if directed and continue
      • Click “Continuing Education Certificates” to be taken to the Virtual Conference
      • Select Credit Type – choose the CE/CME credit type(s) you are seeking (and/or Certificate of Attendance as desired) (Please note: selection of credit type is required if you want CE/CME credit to be awarded at the end of the process)
      • Evaluate the overall Virtual Conference; then confirm your attendance and evaluate each session that you attended; click submit
      • You will see “CREDITED” next to each session you successfully completed
      • Click on “Access Certificates” tab at top of the page
      • Print your CE/CME certificate(s) here or email them to yourself
      • Complete these tasks by Friday, August 16, 2019

*If you have not provided two distinct names and email addresses for your organizations and/or additional sites registrations, please contact jbrown@nhpc.org right away to provide the names and email addresses.

Questions? Contact NHPCO’s Education Team at education@nhpco.org or 703-647-5178.

Thank You! NHPCO, AAHPM and HPNA are grateful that you are participating in the 2019 Virtual Conference: Overcoming the Challenges of Community-Based Palliative Care.

COPYRIGHT: Please note that the 2019 Virtual Conference: Overcoming the Challenges of Community-Based Palliative Care is copyrighted by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. It is unlawful for any organization or individual to record, download, copy or use the content of this conference beyond the access provided by your registration.