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The Future of Healthcare

Michael Burcham, MBA, DHA 
Narus Health, Nashville, TN

The healthcare system of our country is poised for significant change; its future will be built around the consumer and their experience, not a payer nor a provider. New models will fundamentally alter how healthcare organizations interact with patients and one another to deliver care, share information and manage costs.

Innovative companies are creating new opportunities designed to disrupt and invade the healthcare venture space; they are nibbling at the edges of the traditional healthcare ecosystem, bringing new designs from technology, retail and hospitality business models that engage the consumer directly and leverage the workforce.

Hospice and palliative care providers cannot operate on the periphery of this new momentum, but must be part of it. According to Burcham, “At this time in healthcare, we are challenged by one of two choices:  accept and entrench ourselves in the status quo or help lead the change.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Advance your understanding of the healthcare market
  • Describe how new business models will impact the consumer, the payer and the provider
  • Identify new opportunities within your organization

Michael Burcham, MBA, DHA

Michael is a healthcare CEO, strategist, entrepreneur and innovator. He holds an MBA from Belmont University and a Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina.  Michael has a passion for creating an optimal healthcare experience for patients and their families. 

Michael is the CEO of Narus Health, a healthcare organization whose care management services and technologies support individuals with serious medical conditions, their families and the medical community engaged in their treatment.

In addition to his work in the healthcare industry, Burcham teaches Healthcare Innovation and Launching New Ventures at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University. Michael most recently served as the Co-Chair of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the US Secretary of Commerce (2014 - 2016).  He also Chaired the Global Advisory Board for Entrepreneurship for King Faud University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2013 - 2016). Michael is also a strategic advisor and Board Member to a variety of healthcare organizations as well as investment funds involved in healthcare and technology.

Michael is a frequent national speaker on executive leadership, entrepreneurial thinking and healthcare innovation.