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Get to Know Us

NHPCO staff always enjoys meeting our members. We want to give you a chance to meet some of us. Once a month, in NewsBriefs, we’ll offer brief introductions to some of our staff. 

Joann Brown
Solutions Associate

Joann joined NHPCO in April of 2018 and brings a wealth of customer service experience, primarily in the health care field. Joann is part of NHPCO’s Solutions Center where she provides customer service for members and consumers who contact NHPCO. Placing marketplace orders, processing membership applications, and handling inquiries regarding the benefits hospice and palliative care take up most of Joann’s day.

Currently, Joann is working on her BA degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing at the University of Maryland.

Outside of work, Joann spends most of her time with her daughter, watching movies, reading, and participating in church activities. Connect with Joann Brown via my.nhpco.org.

Zinnia Harrison
Vice President, Innovation and Inclusion

Zinnia joined the NHPCO team in the fall of 2017 as the Vice President of Innovation and Inclusion.  Zinnia earned her BA degree in Psychology and Ethnic Studies from Mills College.  Additionally she earned a Master’s degree Health Science from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Health Policy and Management.

Zinnia spends most her working days implementing and improving sustainable care delivery and payment model options for hospices and their patients. Her position requires her to work in a team environment, allowing her to collaborate with members and nonmembers in order to develop the tools and resources that benefit the end of life care community.

In her spare time, Zinnia enjoys spending time with family and friends along with listening to podcasts.   Connect with Zinnia Harrison via my.nhpco.org

Lori Bishop
Vice President, Palliative and Advanced Care

Lori Bishop comes to NHPCO with an extensive nursing background.  Lori earned a nursing degree from Moline Public Hospital and completed her BSN and a MHA through the University of Phoenix. 

She admires the hospice model of care and would like to see it move upstream to benefit chronically and seriously ill individuals and their families. Her position consists of collaborating with members to improve serious illness care through program enhancement and development; creating tools and resources; encouraging collaboration between members; data collection and reporting; and advocacy.

Lori has an extreme interest in all things nature including hiking and biking. She also likes to kick back and listen to music or read. Lori is a Mickey Mouse fanatic! Connect with Lori Bishop via My.NHPCO.org.

Trayvia Watson
Executive Office Coordinator

Trayvia Watson joined NHPCO as Executive Office Coordinator in October 2017. Since then she has contributed to the organization of the Executive Office. Her position involves providing administrative support for the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. Additionally, her duties consist of scheduling appointments, providing quality customer service and keeping the office in solid working order. 

Prior to joining NHPCO, Trayvia worked for the City of Alexandria as the Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police. She also attended Strayer University where she majored in Business Administration. 

Trayvia has a wide range of hobbies and activities from relaxing at the spa, watching movies and spending time with her family. Connect with Trayvia Watson via My.NHPCO.org.

Rebecca Sharrer
Solutions Associate

Rebecca Sharrer has been part of NHPCO’s Solutions Center since October of 2016. Prior to working in the Solutions Center at NHPCO, Rebecca worked as an office manager for a trade association in Washington, DC.  She attended George Mason University where she received her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion.

A large portion of Rebecca’s day involves fulfilling the needs of consumers and NHPCO members by educating them about the benefits of end-of-life care and making sure they have access to NHPCO resources. Additionally, she has been instrumental for providing administrative support to NHPCO’s various departments.  Sometimes her job can be challenging when dealing with distraught family members or those needing end-of-life care. Rebecca does her best to be attentive and gives the caller the most appropriate guidance and most beneficial resources.

Rebecca spends her free time on road trips with friends and enjoys reading and trying new restaurants. Connect with Rebecca Sharrer via My.NHPCO.org.

Shanan Sheldon, CMP, aPHR 
Human Resources Coordinator

Shanan joined NHPCO as HR Coordinator in May 2017.  Since then, she has contributed significantly to the organization and the human resources department.  From handling payroll, hiring new employees, and managing employee benefits, Shanan’s position allows her to make a positive impact within the organization. 

NHPCO’s vision of a world where individuals and families facing serious illness, death and grief will experience the best that humankind can offer resonated with Shanan because of her personal experience with hospice.   Shanan is proud to be a part of an organization and culture that values compassion, collaboration, service and respect. 

Shanan has a diverse background ranging from operations, customer service, information technology, training and human resources.  She attended Virginia Tech where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Clothing and Textiles.  Other credentials include being a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and an Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR). 

Shanan has a variety of interests from visiting wineries, dancing, creating art along with dining out with her husband.   Connect with Shanan Sheldon via My.NHPCO.org

Rowena Allen
Director, Administrative Solutions

Rowena Allen has proven to be a jack of all trades here at NHPCO.  From supervising the front desk and the Solutions Center to handling logistics of the exhibit halls at conferences, Rowena has contributed more than her fair share of work.  

From her early days as a temporary employee to her present position, Rowena has educated countless NHPCO members and consumers about the benefits of end of life care. Whether she’s interacting face to face or over the phone, Rowena always provides top quality customer service.  

Rowena attended Shaw University where she majored in Business Administration.

In her spare time, Rowena attends her children’s many extracurricular activities and is always busy when at home. Connect with Rowena Allen via My.NHPCO.org.

Sharon Campbell
Meetings Director

For Sharon Campbell, event planning has been a wonderful and rewarding experience at NHPCO. This experience has allowed her to understand the end-of-life care field and the many benefits available to all those receiving care.  

The challenges of her position vary daily but Sharon enjoys the adventure. For over 14 years, Sharon has collaborated with the various departments and teams at NHPCO to coordinate the logistics of conferences, board and committee meetings and department meetings. She believes the conferences are an excellent resource for end-of-life care professionals.

Sharon earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater and Dance from Barat College and adds an element of performance to work at NHPCO. Sharon also earned her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) designation in 2008 and maintains a current certified status.

Sharon has a wide variety of hobbies from attending movies and theater, dancing, and exercising with her husband. Connect with Sharon Campbell via My.NHPCO.org.

Cassius Harris
Solutions Coordinator

As a long time member in NHPCO’s Solutions Center, Cassius Harris has helped educate countless NHPCO members and consumers about the benefits of end of life care. Cassius attended Marshall University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sports Communications. 

His day-to-day tasks vary from handling general inquiries about hospice and palliative care, processing payments to assisting consumers with finding hospices in their area. He takes pride in working with the organization’s different departments to fulfill the needs of NHPCO’s members and the general public.

Cassius’s interests include martial arts, western films and attending comic book conventions. Connect with Cassius Harris via My.NHPCO.org.

Joy Nguyen
Director, Events and Major Giving

Raising funds for hospices and their patients is a top priority for Joy Nguyen. Her fundraising efforts have benefited many hospices throughout the country and have worked wonders for their patients. 

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Joy worked in the hospitality industry in New York City. During her time in New York, she worked on events ranging from lavish weddings to non-profit galas. After working with clients who were raising money for such wonderful causes, Joy decided to apply her efforts there.

She found her calling while working for a local hospice in Virginia and is now proud to be working on behalf of NHPCO and the National Hospice Foundation. 

Joy is a mother of two who enjoys hosting parties, cooking, running and spending time outdoors. Connect with Joy Nguyen via My.NHPCO.org.

Steve Early
Operations Specialist

Facility Management is a key element of Steve Early’s position at NHPCO. Over the past nine years, Steve has proven to be a vital member of NHPCO’s Operations team. From maintaining and upgrading the essential building systems to maintaining health and life safety throughout the property, Steve’s work day never has a dull moment. 

Steve earned an Associate’s degree In Automotive Technology from Northern VA Community College and subsequently earned his BA degree in English with a minor in Business Supply Chain Management from the University of Maryland University College. Steve holds three professional credentials relating to facilities management: Certified Facility Manager (CFM), Facility Management Professional (FMP), and Associate Royal Society of Chartered Surveryors (AssocRICS). He was introduced to hospice care when his parents became terminally ill, motivating him to pursue a career that supports national efforts to improve end-of-life care.

In addition to Steve’s work at NHPCO, he is a published author, serves on the Board of the Capital Chapter of IFMA, and is a hiker as well as an amateur tinkerer. In his spare time, Steve also volunteers with Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington, VA, an organization that provides services and assistance helping those with criminal convictions make successful transitions back into the community as productive members of society. Connect with Steve Early via My.NHPCO.org.

Hope Fost
Access Coordinator

Since the age of 15, Hope Fost has had a strong presence in the aging community. Her early work in a retirement center helped her earn a scholarship to Towson University, where she obtained a BS Degree in Health Care Management. During her senior year, Hope interned in the Quality Department at Gilchrist Hospice Care that serves the Baltimore area.

Hope enjoys the variety of individuals she interacts with such as military vets, consumers, and state coalition leaders. She currently works on NHPCO’s Access programs providing valuable resources to members, consumers, and council members to expand and improve access of hospice and palliative care across the country. Hope’s experiences at NHPCO have provided her with opportunities to connect with other professionals in the healthcare field and make a difference.

Hope has a fondness for sports and live concerts. She enjoys playing her ukulele and creating music. Additionally, Hope is an Alumni of Towson University’s Women’s Rugby team. Connect with Hope Fost via My.NHPCO.org.

Jennifer Kennedy
Senior Director, Regulatory and Quality

One of the most well-known employees of the NHPCO team is Jennifer Kennedy, our senior director, regulatory and quality. Jennifer attended DeSales University and earned an undergraduate degree in Nursing.  She received her MA degree in Health Education and Case Management from Washington Trinity University.  She will finish her doctoral degree in December 2017.

Jennifer’s first contact with end-of-life care was working with Children’s Hospital in Washington, DC in their pediatric hospice and homecare program. Her work day consists of educating NHPCO members about regulatory and quality issues, ensuring that they remain compliant with current regulations and providing the resources that they need to succeed.  A frequent presenter at state organization meetings and NHPCO conferences, Jennifer enjoys meeting providers – both members and non-members.

In her spare time you can find Jennifer tending to her garden, hanging out with her family or reading a book. Connect with Jennifer Kennedy via My.NHPCO.org.

Beth Fells
Executive Office Director

Beth has been an integral part of the NHPCO team for many years.  She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. and majored in Medical Technology. She has an affinity for helping others along with working in the nonprofit sector.  Most of her work supports the senior leadership team from the President, CEO, and Board of Directors.  Her job duties change daily from scheduling appointments, setting up travel arrangements to working in boards and governance. 

Beth also has a variety of hobbies and interests outside the office from cooking up a good meal along with entertaining family and friends.  She is also a huge drag racing fan as she likes to put it – she has a need for speed! Connect with Beth Fells via My.NHPCO.org.

Rachel Smith
Finance Coordinator 

Meet Rachel Smith. Rachel learned a great deal about hospice care through her father, a physician who happens to be a Hospice Director.  With hospice being in her blood, she knew that working for NHPCO was a natural fit.  After high school Rachel earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Wake Forest University.  She currently works in the accounting department where her duties range from managing the NHPCO Marketplace, payment distribution and assigning exhibit booths/space for vendors at conferences. 

One of her favorite activities is playing kickball in a kickball charity league.  The proceeds from the games provide 6-12 year old kids opportunities to play different sports including flag football, sailing, and volleyball. Rachel is the ideal staff person to reach out to if you have any questions regarding marketplace or accounting inquiries. Connect with Rachel Smith via My.NHPCO.org.