Exclusively for NHPCO members, MyNHPCO is your professional networking community that connects you with colleagues and helps you find answers through discussion groups and resource libraries.

1. Sign in. Go to http://my.nhpco.org and sign-in using your NHPCO email and password.

2. Fill out your profile. Once you’ve logged in, select the box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access your profile. We want to get to know you! Use the ACTIONS menu button to upload a photo. Click EDIT MY PROFILE to update your contact info. Complete additional fields, such as your bio and education. You can also import content from your LinkedIn profile.

3. Customize your profile settings. Select MY ACCOUNT to set up how you want to receive emails from MyNHPCO, your discussion signature, and manage other settings.

4. Browse the communities and join the ones that interest you. We have plenty of communities to match your interests. There are discipline-focused Professional Communities to support the full range of professionals in the hospice and palliative care field. In addition, MyNHPCO offers issue-based communities like Compliance, Palliative Care, and Ethics. When you find one that is right for you click JOIN. You can join as many communities as you’d like. Start out by subscribing to the DAILY DIGEST for your communities and receive daily summaries of community activity.

Go to LATEST DISCUSSION POSTS in one of your communities and start connecting, learning, and sharing.

Many of the MyNHPCO Professional Communities host chats, or mini-webinars, about some of the pressing issues facing your community. Click on EVENTS on the navigation bar to find the chat schedule.