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Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management is the official professional journal of NHPCO. JPSM, published by Elsevier, is a highly respected journal in the field of hospice and palliative care with a readership that increasingly extends to the broader medical community. NHPCO members may subscribe to JPSM at greatly reduced rates.

Current Issue Highlights – August 2017
Volume 54, Issue 2, p159-262, e1-e7

List of articles in the current issue (view the complete table of contents on the JPSM website):

Original Articles

Symptom Trajectories in Children Receiving Treatment for Leukemia: A Latent Class Growth Analysis With Multitrajectory Modeling
Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Mary C. Hooke, Cheryl Rodgers, Olga Taylor, Kari M. Koerner, Pauline Mitby, Ida Moore, Michael E. Scheurer, Wei Pan, p 1–8

“Let's Bring Her Home First.” Patient Characteristics and Place of Death in Specialized Pediatric Palliative Home Care
Hans Ulrich Bender, Martin Bernhard Riester, Gian Domenico Borasio, Monika Führerm, p159–166

End-of-Life Place of Care, Health Care Settings, and Health Care Transitions Among Cancer Patients: Impact of an Integrated Cancer Palliative Care Plan
Veronica Casotto, Maria Rolfini, Eliana Ferroni, Valentina Savioli, Nicola Gennaro, Francesco Avossa, Maurizio Cancian, Franco Figoli, Domenico Mantoan, Antonio Brambilla, Maria Cristina Ghiotto, Ugo Fedeli, Mario Saugo, p167–175

Effect of Psychiatric Illness on Acute Care Utilization at End of Life From Serious Medical Illness
Kyle Lavin, Dimitry S. Davydow, Lois Downey, Ruth A. Engelberg, Ben Dunlap, James Sibley, William B. Lober, Kelson Okimoto, Nita Khandelwal, Elizabeth T. Loggers, Joan M. Teno, J. Randall Curtis, p176–185.e1

Correlation Between Observational Scales of Sedation and Comfort and Bispectral Index Scores
Michael Barbato, Greg Barclay, Jan Potter, Wilf Yeo, Joseph Chung, p186–193

Differences in Symptom Clusters Identified Using Ratings of Symptom Occurrence vs. Severity in Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
Melisa L. Wong, Bruce A. Cooper, Steven M. Paul, Jon D. Levine, Yvette P. Conley, Fay Wright, Marilyn Hammer, Christine Miaskowski, p194–203

Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathy in Cancer Survivors
Christine Miaskowski, Judy Mastick, Steven M. Paul, Kimberly Topp, Betty Smoot, Gary Abrams, Lee-May Chen, Kord M. Kober, Yvette P. Conley, Margaret Chesney, Kay Bolla, Grace Mausisa, Melissa Mazor, Melisa Wong, Mark Schumacher, Jon D. Levine, p204–218.e2

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