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Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

The Journal of Pain and Symptom Management is the official professional journal of NHPCO. JPSM, published by Elsevier, is a highly respected journal in the field of hospice and palliative care with a readership that increasingly extends to the broader medical community. NHPCO members may subscribe to JPSM at greatly reduced rates.

Current Issue Highlights – January 2019
Volume 57, Issue 1, p1-182, e1-e18

List of articles in the current issue (view the complete table of contents on the JPSM website):

Original Articles

The Possible Preventive Role of Pregabalin in Postmastectomy Pain Syndrome: A Double-Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial
Raafat M. Reyad, Azza F. Omran, Dina N. Abbas, Mahmoud A. Kamel, Ehab H. Shaker, Jhon Tharwat, Ehab M. Reyad, Tarek Hashem, p1–9

Triggered Palliative Care for Late-Stage Dementia: A Pilot Randomized Trial
Laura C. Hanson, Christine E. Kistler, Kyle Lavin, Stacey L. Gabriel, Natalie C. Ernecoff, Feng-Chang Lin, Greg A. Sachs, Susan L. Mitchell, p10–19
Managing Chronic Pain in Cancer Survivors Prescribed Long-Term Opioid Therapy: A National Survey of Ambulatory Palliative Care Providers
Jessica S. Merlin, Kanan Patel, Nicole Thompson, Jennifer Kapo, Frank Keefe, Jane Liebschutz, Judith Paice, Tamara Somers, Joanna Starrels, Julie Childers, Yael Schenker, Christine S. Ritchie, p20–27
Factors Related to Adherence to Opioids in Black Patients With Cancer Pain
Katherine A. Yeager, Bryan Williams, Jinbing Bai, Hannah L.F. Cooper, Tammie Quest, Salimah H. Meghani, Deborah W. Bruner, p28–36
Simon M. Cohen, Angelo E. Volandes, Michele L. Shaffer, Laura C. Hanson, Daniel Habtemariam, Susan L. Mitchell, p37–46.e1
Heart Rate Variability as an Indicator of Nociceptive Pain in Disorders of Consciousness?
Francesco Riganello, Camille Chatelle, Caroline Schnakers, Steven Laureys, p47–56
Patients' Hopes for Advanced Cancer Treatment
Jeremy DeMartini, Joshua J. Fenton, Ronald Epstein, Paul Duberstein, Camille Cipri, Daniel Tancredi, Guibo Xing, Paul Kaesberg, Richard L. Kravitz, p57–63.e2
Family Caregivers' Subjective Caregiving Burden, Quality of Life, and Depressive Symptoms Are Associated With Terminally Ill Cancer Patients' Distinct Patterns of Conjoint Symptom Distress and Functional Impairment in Their Last Six Months of Life
Fur-Hsing Wen, Jen-Shi Chen, Wen-Chi Chou, Wen-Cheng Chang, Wen Chi Shen, Chia-Hsun Hsieh, Siew Tzuh Tang, p64–72
Brief Reports
Latent Class Analysis of Specialized Palliative Care Needs in Adult Intensive Care Units From a Single Academic Medical Center
David Wang, Caleb Ing, Craig D. Blinderman, May Hua, p73–78
Personalized Goal for Dyspnea and Clinical Response in Advanced Cancer Patients/
Sebastiano Mercadante, Claudio Adile, Federica Aielli, Gaetano Lanzetta, Kyriaki Mistakidou, Marco Maltoni, Luiz Guilherme Soares, Stefano De Santis, Patrizia Ferrera, Marta Rosati, Romina Rossi, Alessandra Casuccio, p79–85
Changes in the Care Setting of First Consults to Palliative and Supportive Care Over a Seven-Year Period
Bernard L. Prado, Ali Haider, Syed Naqvi, Roberto C. Pestana, Janet L. Williams, Seyedeh Dibaj, Diane Liu, Julio Allo, Vera De La Cruz, Eduardo Bruera, p86–92
The Impact of Nursing Homes Staff Education on End-of-Life Care in Residents With Advanced Dementia: A Quality Improvement Study
Paola Di Giulio, Silvia Finetti, Fabrizio Giunco, Ines Basso, Debora Rosa, Francesca Pettenati, Alessandro Bussotti, Daniele Villani, Simona Gentile, Lorenzo Boncinelli, Massimo Monti, Sandro Spinsanti, Massimo Piazza, Lorena Charrier, Franco Toscani, p93–99
Pre-Ventricular Assist Device Palliative Care Consultation: A Qualitative Analysis
Sarah Chuzi, Sarah Hale, Jason Arnold, Amy Zhou, Rebecca Harap, Kathleen L. Grady, Jonathan D. Rich, Clyde W. Yancy, Adeboye Ogunseitan, Eytan Szmuilowicz, Jane E. Wilcox, p100–107
Pilot Qualitative Study of Informal Teachers in Interprofessional Collaboration and Practice
Amy M. Westcott, Daniel R. Wolpaw, Janet M. Riddle, p108–111
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