Multiply Your Membership with Roster Manager

Adding staff to your roster multiplies the value of your organization’s membership.  All staff and volunteers of your organization are eligible to receive member access.

If you are the primary contact or designated roster managers for your organization you can update your membership roster online by following the instructions below.

Need Help

NHPCO’s Solutions Center is here to help with your questions,, 800-646-6460.

Not sure who is the primary contact or roster manager, they can look it up for you.

Are you too busy to manage your roster?  The Solutions Team can designate a member of your staff to handle the updates.

How to Update Your NHPCO Roster

      1. Start by logging in, from our home page, select Menu, then Member Login.
      2. After logging in, select Menu, then View My Profile, then My Organization
      3. Your organization’s roster will appear about halfway down the center of the screen.
      4. Click Add to launch the wizard for adding a new staff member to your roster.
      5. Use the Edit/End Relation link to the right of a staff person’s name to update the relation type, or remove people no longer affiliated with your organization.

Notes on Editing Relationship Types

The relationship type describes how the individual interacts with your organization, the default is Staff, which works just fine.  Our system has a long list of roles and job functions you can use if you want to be more specific about a staff person’s role.

You can designate another person on your roster to manage updates for you by assigning them the Roster Manager relationship. This will give that individual access to the roster manager tool. Often members find it useful to have a human resources person responsible for updating the roster.

Don’t be surprised if one staff person has multiple roles.  For example, you may have a Volunteer Coordinator who is also the We Honor Vet Contact.  In this case the Volunteer Coordinator role describes the relationship to your organization and We Honor Vet Contact describes the individual’s relationship to NHPCO’s We Honor Veterans program.

Members with more than one location

If your organization operates multiple sites you may see a list of subsidiary locations you can manage. To update a subsidiary roster click on the location’s name then scroll to the location’s roster.  Add, edit, and end staff as you would for the parent organization.

Who can edit subsidiary location rosters?

The primary contact and roster manager for a member’s primary location will be able to manage the roster for all subsidiary locations. Individuals designated as a primary contact or roster manager for a subsidiary location are only able to manage the roster for the subsidiary location.