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MLC Faculty Webpage

Thank you for being a part of NHPCO’s esteemed faculty; we are grateful for your participation and the time and expertise you will devote to participating. This Faculty Website will answer many of the questions you may have regarding your upcoming presentation and conference participation. For additional help, contact Wanda Allen, Coordinator, NHPCO Professional Development 703-647-5178, wallen@nhpco.org.

We have specific requirements of all faculty that enables us to provide continuing education credits to professional participants. Deadlines and specific needs are listed below.

Click here to access MLC program 

Please contact Wanda Allen to update any faculty substitutions.

PowerPoint Slides/Additional Handouts – March 19, 2018
(Please note: MLC Template is required for all presentations)

Additional Information and Resources:

MLC PowerPoint Template
Faculty Registration Form – faculty discount rate ($600)
Hotel and Travel Information
Meeting Room Set Up
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information

Faculty Profile *CE/CME Requirement*

NHPCO is required to gather specific information on each faculty member by continuing education accrediting bodies. Your faculty profile contains all the necessary information.

The information provided about you in conference materials (credentials, organizational affiliation and location) comes directly from the profile. Please make sure every item is completed and accurate (correct spelling is very important as well as your credentials).

A Faculty Disclosure is part of your faculty profile and must be completed; for an explanation, see Faculty Disclosure.

For help with the Faculty Disclosure, contact NHPCO’s Professional Development Department at 703-647-5178 or education@nhpco.org.

Faculty Disclosure *CE/CME Requirement*

Faculty is required to disclose any relevant financial relationships that he/she or a spouse/partner have (within the past 12 months) with a commercial interest whose products or services are used in the provision of hospice and palliative care. The Faculty Disclosure is part of your Faculty Profile (see above).

A commercial interest is any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients  (with the exception of non-profit or government organizations and non-health care related companies).

Having an interest in or affiliation with a commercial interest does not prevent faculty from making a presentation, but the relationship must be made known to the audience in advance to be in compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), American Nurses Credentialing Commission (ANCC) and other professional continuing education providers. If a faculty member discloses relationships that indicate a potential conflict of interest, NHPCO will work with faculty to resolve these prior to the conference.

Use of Commercial Music and/or Video: Playing copyrighted music or video or performing copyrighted music generally requires permission and possible payment of licensing fees.

If short music clips or video are used for educational purposes only; i.e. to demonstrate a point as opposed to entertain the audience, such usage can generally be considered “fair use” and does not require explicit permission. If, however, full songs or complete videos are used, you must provide NHPCO with written proof that you have received permission from the publisher.

Click here for a sample permission letter.

For more information about what constitutes “fair use,” click here

Audio/Visual Equipment
NHPCO provides:

  • A laptop computer (with your PowerPoint presentation pre-loaded, as applicable)
  • LCD projector, screen
  • One microphone per faculty (up to a maximum of 2).    
  • A flip chart with markers 

Room Set Up: NHPCO generally provides classroom seating for pre-conference seminars and theatre-style seating for concurrent sessions; both set ups include a lectern and head table for faculty. If your presentation requires a different room set up, contact NHPCO’s Professional Development Department at 703-647-5178 or Wanda Allen.

We cannot guarantee an alternative room set up but will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

PowerPoint* Slides and/or Additional Handouts: NHPCO must review all PowerPoint* slides and/or additional handouts used in conference presentations in advance in order to be in compliance with continuing education accreditation requirements; thank you for meeting this deadline. All PowerPoint slides will be loaded onto a laptop computer for use during your presentation. Please note: NHPCO will convert your PowerPoint slides into a PDF handout for conference attendees to download and print as well as any other handouts you provide.

Please include all faculty names, organizational affiliations and email addresses on the first page/title slide using the PowerPoint template provided by NHPCO. PowerPoint slides/handouts may not include company logos of commercial interest organizations or any other commercial messages related to any product or service. NHPCO reserves the right to remove/edit any logo or commercial messages that violate NHPCO policy and continuing education accreditation requirements.

All PowerPoint slides/handouts must be uploaded electronically using this link.

Log in with username and password:


*It is necessary that slides are created or converted to PowerPoint in order to work on the laptops that will be provided for your session.

Promotional Materials: Faculty may not provide unapproved informational or promotional literature to participants in the room where the session is held. These types of materials can sometimes be placed in common areas of the conference; check with NHPCO staff at the Conference Registration Desk.

Faculty Registration: To register to attend the full conference, please fax, mail or email the Faculty Registration form along with applicable fees. NHPCO provides a discounted rate ($600) for concurrent session faculty.  If you plan to attend only the session where you present, you are not required to register for the conference.

Dress: Dress for faculty is business attire. Dress for the participants is business casual. It is recommended that you bring a sweater or jacket to sessions, as temperatures in meeting rooms can fluctuate significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does *CE/CME Requirement* mean? 
NHPCO will provide continuing education credit/continuing medical education for various professional disciplines at MLC17 (compliance officer, counselor, nurse, physician, quality professional, and social worker). Each accrediting body for continuing education has specific requirements that must be met before credit can be provided.

Should I use a PowerPoint presentation? 
NHPCO does not require that you do, but conference participants do expect handouts of all materials that are shown/used in educational sessions.

Please refer to Slides and/or Handouts for important information about preparing and submitting handouts/slides.

How do I register for MLC17?

To register for MLC17, you need to pay all applicable fees and complete the online registration.

What are my responsibilities as a faculty member? 
To see a list of responsibilities and deadlines click here.

Why am I required to complete a Faculty Disclosure?

The Faculty Disclosure lets NHPCO know if you have any relevant financial relationships with a commercial interest. If you have a financial interest in or affiliation with such an entity, it does not prevent you from speaking, but NHPCO must ascertain whether a conflict of interest exists that could compromise our commitment to provide a conference that is free from commercial bias. If we determine that a conflict exists, we will work with you to resolve it.

Do I need to bring my own laptop? 
No, NHPCO will provide a laptop for your presentation with PowerPoint slides pre-loaded (as applicable).

Can I use music or video in my presentation? 
Yes; the video/audio clip, CD or DVD must be reviewed and accepted by NHPCO. It is your responsibility to secure the proper permissions for use of copyrighted materials, and NHPCO must have proof that permission has been received in advance of your presentation as applicable. See Use of Commercial Music and/or Video above. Your video/audio clip, CD or DVD can be played on the laptop provided by NHPCO.

Will internet access be available for my presentation?

By special request, it can be provided at a cost to faculty (approx. $250). Please note links and some video clips require internet.

What if an emergency occurs and I cannot attend conference?

Please contact Wanda Allen at wallen@nhpco.org

Contact Information

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
1731 King Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: 703-837-1500
Fax: 703-837-1233

Professional Development Department
Wanda Allen, Faculty Coordinator of Professional Development 
Email: Wanda Allen
Phone: 703-647-1564

Barbara Bouton, Vice President of Professional Development
Email:  bbouton@nhpco.org
Phone: 703-647-6681

Steve Gardner, Director of Education
Email: sgardner@nhpco.org
Phone: 703-647-6692