Helpful information for providers.

Rural Palliative Care Resources

Based on work with more than 40 rural communities, Stratis Health has developed a framework for rural community-based palliative care program development reflecting foundational components, process development, and service implementation including a toolkit that contains guidance and links to a comprehensive set of resources to build capacity to offer palliative care services.

E&M Coding Supplement


NHPCO Palliative Care State Toolkit 

This comprehensive resource includes links to reports and tools to assist hospice and palliative care organizations to participate in state coalitions and engage in the development of state legislation.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for Quality Palliative Care

The revised 4th edition of the National Consensus Project Guidelines (2018) is available for free download on the NCP website. NHPCO has been a partner in the development of this resource.

Palliative Care Measure Menu

Designed for palliative care leaders, quality professionals, and administrators, the Palliative Care Measure Menu simplifies the task of reviewing possible measures, enabling users to quickly and efficiently select a feasible, balanced portfolio of measures that mirror the scope and focus of a given PC program.

Fast Facts for Palliative Care Providers

Fast Facts are available from the Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin. Visit the PCNOW website and click on the link for Fast Facts.

Payment Primer: What to Know about Payment for Palliative Care Delivery

The Center to Advance Palliative Care is pleased to offer this free resource covering the basics of Medicare, Medicaid, health plans and the alternative payment models that are taking hold in the U.S. healthcare system.