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Message on Senator McCain

For Immediate Release:
Updated August 27, 2018

NHPCO's Edo Banach Message on Senator John McCain

NHPCO honors Senator John McCain for his life-long service to our nation. Upon the news of his death, tributes have been shared across the globe. On behalf of NHPCO’s We Honor Veterans initiative, we salute Senator McCain for his honorable service during the Vietnam War fighting on behalf of freedom and the democratic principles of the United States. His commitment of service continued long after his military career ended and he dedicated his life as a public servant. For his six terms as a distinguished member of the U.S. Senate notable for his dedication to collaboration on both sides of the aisle, his willingness to confront challenges, and his tireless efforts working towards the betterment of our country and the people, we thank him. Even throughout his experience with brain cancer, he demonstrated the importance of following one’s wishes – ending his life at his home in Arizona, surrounded by those he loved. To his family, colleagues, constituents and those whose lives he touched, NHPCO extends it deep condolences during this time of loss. Let the many lessons Senator McCain taught us be part of his legacy of service.

August 24 Message:

It is with sadness that the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization acknowledges today’s announcement from his family that Senator John McCain has chosen to forgo ongoing medical treatment for his diagnosis of brain cancer.

The journey an individual takes when facing advanced illness is unique to that person and decisions made about the best care interventions are personal and are never made lightly.  Senator McCain has shared information as appropriate about his diagnosis throughout his experience and in this way he has taught our nation about the challenges that accompany serious illness. 

NHPCO thanks Senator McCain for reminding the public about the importance of self-determination with regards to medical treatments and care interventions. The priority he has placed on his love and concern for his family is a testament to his compassion.

During this time, which is certainly difficult for his family, friends and those that admire this American hero who has dedicated his life to the service of his country, NHPCO extends its thoughts and wishes. It is often through the experience of public servants and celebrities that we learn lessons about life and death and living as fully as possible.

Edo Banach, JD
President and CEO
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Alexandria, Virginia


For those looking for information about coping with serious and life-limiting illness and advance care planning, NHPCO offers the website NHPCO CaringInfo.org.