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PSA Information

Public Service Announcements for Television

PSAs for Television or Cable
Public Service Announcements going out over network television or cable stations can be an exciting way to raise awareness about hospice within your community. Yet it can be expensive, and for organizations paying to create a new PSA for film, the costs can be quite high.  Non-profit organizations may be able to secure free airtime on stations in their region for public service announcements or they may be able to work with a station’s Community Affairs director to secure low cost broadcast time or find support from a local advertiser that is willing to support the airing of PSAs that are important to the community.

The best way to find out what options might be available for your organization is to contact the television/cable stations in your region and ask.

Recognizing that professionally developed, broadcast quality PSAs shot on film can easily cost well over $100,000 to produce, NHPCO is pleased to offer members some low-cost options.

"It must be love" PSA - national tag or customized tag now available

Recently, NHPCO shared a new public service announcement created by filmmaker Mark Meyers. The theme, “It must be love,” reflects the personal experience of Mark and his family when they received hospice for their young son, Kaymen.

Caring Connections is the suggested source for additional information in the national version of the PSA. NHPCO Caring Connections created a number of outreach materials that reflect the theme of this special PSA. 

Hospice providers may also have this PSA tagged with their location specific information.  This includes their name, phone and/or URL, and logo if space permits. The tag is on a screen that is added to the last seconds of the PSA.

The PSA comes in a :60 and :30 second version.  NHPCO cannot grant exclusivity to any provider. All hospice providers are welcome to use this PSA – either with the customized tag or the national tag.

View "It must be love" PSA.

National Hospice Foundation PSAs
The National Hospice Foundation produced a number of award-winning PSAs that were distributed nationally between 2002 and 2004. They continue to get air play and since 2002 each of these PSAs has achieved more than 25 million viewer impressions.  

A total of three PSAs on two different tapes are available for purchase. These PSAs may not be customized with a specific providers tag at the end – they carry a national tag that direct people to NHPCO’s Caring Connections to learn more.

“My Father”
This tape features what is considered to be the most popular of NHF’s PSAs, “My Father.”  Each tape has the ad in three different lengths, :60, :30 and :15 second versions. The different lengths make it easier for your local broadcaster to incorporate the PSA in their public service ad rotation.

View a preview of "My Father" on NHPCO's YouTube page - please note, this is a very low resolution file for preview purposes only.

“My Wife” and“My Husband”
This tape features two PSAs on one tape. “My Husband” comes in three lengths, :60, :30 and :15 second versions. “My Wife” comes in two lengths, :60 and :30 second versions.

View a preview of "My Wife" or the PSA "My Husband" on NHPCO's YouTube page - please note, these are very low resolution files for preview purposes only.

Ordering PSA Tapes
Before you order the broadcast quality tapes, it is suggested that you contact the public service director at your local stations and ask if they would be willing to use a PSA promoting hospice care.  You should also ask what format tape they require, either beta-sp or mini-DV.

Distributing Tapes to Broadcasters
The Caring Connections Web site has information on reaching out to your community broadcasters. Additionally, NHPCO has prepared a template page that you can use in contacting your local Community Service Directors, these letters may be customized to fit your specific needs:

Important Notes NHPCO will not grant exclusivity for any of these PSAs. Any provider may purchase and arrange for broadcast in their area.  “It must be love” may be customized with a provider’s information as the closing tag but, again, no exclusivity is granted and any provider may order this PSA, customize, and air.

Available PSAs via NHPCO Marketplace

  • It Must Be Love" PSA (Customized Provider Tag) (FREE DVD included)
    • Beta-SP Item #: 821298 Member: $265.00 Non-Member: $350.00
    • Mini-DV Item #: 821300 Member: $265.00 Non-Member: $350.00
  • "It Must Be Love" PSA (Caring Connections National Tag)
    • Beta-SP Item #: 821299 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00
    • Mini-DV Item #: 821301 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00
  • "My Father" PSA (Caring Connections National Tag)
    • Beta-SP Item #: 821303 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00
    • Mini-DV Item #: 821305 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00
  • "My Wife" and "My Husband" PSA (Caring Connections National Tag)
    • Beta-SP Item #: 821307 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00
    • Mini-DV Item #: 821309 Member: $95.00 Non-Member: $150.00

Once purchased, PSA tapes may not be returned. So providers should make sure that PSA tapes they order will be used.

Contact Marketplace with questions at 1-800-646-6460 or visit www.nhpco.org/marketplace.