Quality Connections Program – Launching January 2021!

A new quality focused program for hospice and palliative care providers.

Frequently Asked Questions – download this PDF for answers to some common questions.

With hospice quality of care recently under the federal magnifying glass and the national media, providers must  continually strive to provide the best quality care for every patient and family under their care.  Hospice providers can demonstrate this commitment to quality through participating in the NHPCO Quality Connections program.

Consistently delivering quality care requires hospice providers to practice and perform above the regulatory requirements and truly customize their care and services to meet the needs and expectations of each patient and their family. This hospice provider is always asking, “what can we do better?” to make this one-time experience the best it can be for a patient and their loved ones.

NHPCO is committed to assisting hospice and palliative care providers in continuous quality and performance improvement activity that supports safe, effective, and timely care outcomes for patients and families.  Providers who actively engage in quality improvement raise the bar for performance which leads to service excellence.

Watch the Quality Connections teaser video:

Quality Connections is a national program designed to support hospice and palliative care provider delivery of high-quality, person centered care.   The program goals are to enhance the knowledge base, skills, and competency of hospice and palliative care staff through education, tools, resources, and opportunities for engagement and interaction among hospice and palliative care quality professionals.

Quality Connections participants are required to achieve milestones within defined timeframes by participating in education and competence, application of education, performance measurement, and innovation that promotes high quality care delivery, that leads to service excellence.

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