CAHPS® Hospice Survey… The CAHPS Hospice Survey assesses the experiences of patients who died while receiving hospice care and their primary informal caregivers. The survey treats the patient and caregiver as a single unit of care. Its purpose is to:

      • Provide a source of information on patient/caregiver experiences that can be publicly reported to beneficiaries and their family members to help them select a hospice program,
      • Support hospices with their internal quality improvement efforts and external benchmarking with other facilities, and
      • Provide the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) with information for monitoring the care provided by hospices.
      • The survey contains 47 questions and is administered to eligible decedents/caregivers from all payer sources.
      • Who is an eligible caregiver?
          • An eligible caregiver is the person who is most knowledgeable (primary informal caregiver) about the hospice care received by the decedent.
          • The caregiver relationship to the decedent should fall into one of the following categories: spouse/partner, parent (or stepparent), child (or stepchild), other family member, friend, or other.
          • A non-familial legal guardian who does not fall into one of these categories cannot be considered a primary informal caregiver for the purposes of the CAHPS Hospice Survey.
          • The hospice is responsible for identifying the primary informal caregiver that may be eligible to receive and respond to the CAHPS Hospice Survey.
      • Determination of caregiver:
          • Decedents/Caregivers are eligible for the CAHPS Hospice Survey if all of the following criteria are met:
          • Decedents age 18 and over at time of death
          • Decedents with death at least 48 hours following last admission to hospice care
          • Decedents for whom there is a caregiver of record
          • Decedents whose caregiver is someone other than a non-familial legal guardian
          • Decedents for whom the caregiver has a U.S. or U.S. Territory home address

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