CMS Meaningful Measures

“Meaningful Measures” framework is CMS’s initiative which identifies the highest priorities for quality measurement and improvement. It involves only assessing those core issues that are the most critical to providing high-quality care and improving individual outcomes.  The Meaningful Measure Areas serve as the connectors between CMS strategic goals and individual measures/initiatives that demonstrate how high-quality outcomes for our beneficiaries are being achieved. They are concrete quality topics, which reflect core issues that are most vital to high quality care and better patient outcomes.

      • Hospice Specific Meaningful Measures Areas – CMS identified the following domains as high-priority for HQRP future measure consideration:
Effective Prevention and Treatment
Symptom management outcome measures are a high priority for the HQRP.
Communication/Care Coordination and/or Patient and Family Engagement
A central tenet of hospice care is responsiveness to patient and family care preferences; as much as possible, patient preferences should be incorporated into new measure development.
Making Care Safer
Responsiveness of the hospice during time of patient or family need is an important indicator about hospice services for consumers in particular.
Communication/Care Coordination
Measurement of care coordination is integral to the provision of quality care and should be aligned across care settings.
      • CMS takes into consideration input from all stakeholders in identifying priority areas for future measure enhancement and development, including the Measures Application Partnership (MAP), the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC), Technical Expert Panels (TEP), and national priorities, such as those established by the National Priorities Partnership, the HHS Strategic Plan, the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Healthcare, the CMS Quality Strategy and the general public, such as through rulemaking. In addition, CMS considers feedback and input from published research and reports.
      • CMS follows the CMS Measure Management System Blueprint processto develop quality measures.

Future Quality Measures

Measure Title
Measure description
Measure type
Transitions from Hospice Care, Followed by Death or Acute Care, Measure 
Measures the rate of potentially inappropriate live discharges from hospice care, defined as live discharges followed by death within 30 days or acute care within 7 days.
Claims based
CMS and the measure developer contractor will take the suggested modifications in to consideration, continue to conduct data analysis, and discuss with national experts and stakeholders to determine potential measure modifications.
Hospice Visits in the Last Days of Life
Hospice Visits by an RN or MSW in at least 2 of the last 3 days of life
Claims based
Measure appeared on CMS 2019 Measures Under Consideration (MUC) list.
Forum’s Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) has concluded its two-month intensive review of its pre-rulemaking guidance to the HHS. MAP has delivered its final measure recommendations to HHS and will publish its reports in February and March 2020. The MAP conditionally supported MUC2019-33 Hospice Visits in the Last Days of Life for rulemaking, pending NQF endorsement and removal of the existing hospice visit measures from the program.

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