Hospice Outcomes & Patient Evaluation (HOPE)

The HOPE tool will provide standardized data as all Medicare-certified hospices will be collecting the same assessment items for all patients. Standardization will allow CMS to analyze the data by patients, hospices, and recognize the differences between hospices. The tool will also provide information to hospice providers to help them identify opportunities for performance improvement.

The two primary objectives of the HOPE are to:

      • Provide quality data for HQRP requirements through standardized data collection
      • Provide additional clinical data that could inform future payment refinements.

HOPE Tool Facts

      • CMS plans to develop quality outcome focused measures associated with the new assessment tool that are meaningful to all stakeholders and reflect critical outcomes of care throughout the hospice stay. The measures will meet the Meaningful Measures Initiative objectives to identify high priority areas for quality measure development while reducing burden on hospice providers.
      • This new hospice instrument will apply an interdisciplinary patient-centered approach that supports patient choice.
      • The data from HOPE will be used to support the HQRP for quality measures and care planning.
      • The HOPE tool will replace the Hospice Item Set (HIS).
      • Goals for the HOPE:
          • Assessment data can be used for care-planning and outcome quality measures
          • Apply a patient-centered approach that supports patient choice
          • Incorporate full hospice team in assessment process
          • Align assessments with the COPs and the hospice workflow
          • Integrate the assessment with existing assessments and workflow in current electronic health records

HOPE Tool Projected Timeline

After a pilot test, the HOPE will be revised based on test findings before moving forward to national-level testing (Alpha and Beta testing). After conducting the national-level testing of the HOPE, CMS will incorporate learnings by refining the HOPE and propose the tool in rulemaking and seek public comments. When finalized in future rulemaking, the HOPE will be implemented in the Medicare Hospice Benefit to provide value to hospice providers, patients, and families.

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