Hospice Compare reports information about hospice programs across the nation, allowing patients, family members, and health care providers to get a snapshot of the quality, such as the thoroughness of each hospice’s assessment of the patient, including the extent to which the hospice has asked the patient about the severity of his/her pain and the extent to which he/she exhibits shortness of breath. Hospice Compare also measures the extent to which the hospice makes a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s treatment preferences.


Section 3004 of the Affordable Care Act established the Hospice Quality Reporting Program (HQRP). The Act also requires the Secretary to publically report quality measures that relate to hospice care provided by hospice programs on a CMS website. That CMS website is Hospice Compare.

Data on Hospice Compare

  • August 2017:  Initial launch of the website
    The initial launch of Hospice Compare includes individual scores for each of the HIS seven-quality measure (QM) scores.

    • Patient Treated with an Opioid who are Given a Bowel Regimen (NQF #1617)
    • Pain Screening (NQF #1634)
    • Pain Assessment (NQF #1637)
    • Dyspnea Treatment (NQF #1638)
    • Dyspnea Screening (NQF #1639)
    • Treatment Preferences (NQF #1641)
    • Beliefs/Values Addressed (If Desired by the Patient) (NQF #1647)

Hospices with a QM denominator size of fewer than 20 patient stays (based on 12 rolling months of data) will not have the QM score publicly displayed since a score based on small denominator size may not be reliable.

Hospice Compare Datasets

These official datasets are used on the Medicare.gov Hospice Compare Website provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. These data allow a consumer to compare the quality of care provided by Medicare-certified hospice agencies throughout the nation.

Provider Demographic Information on Hospice Compare

Providers should review their demographic information on Hospice Compare to ensure it is correct.  In the event that your demographic data is not correct in Hospice Compare, contact your CASPER/ASPEN and Regional Office coordinator with updated information.