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Do I need a consultant?

Sometimes clients struggle with the question: Do I need a consultant? Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider:

  1. Do I need an outsider’s perspective to help my organization make a change?

    An outside consultant can take a close look at business conditions without the baggage of personnel history, board pressures, or over-familiarity with “the way we’ve always done it.” NHPCO is in contact with providers across the nation, and our research staff collects statistics from hospices of all sizes and business structures. If you’d like to know how other hospices like yours (and unlike yours) have answered business questions, we’re in a unique position to provide that context.

  2. Could I use the help of another voice in educating my staff or board?

    Even when a leader has a strong sense of the direction their organization needs to take, sometimes in the process of gaining consensus it helps to have an outsider’s support to clarify the path for other participants.

  3. Do I need more information to make a decision?

    NHPCO Edge can gather market and feasibility information to help clients make sense of their options. Our customized analysis ensures that our clients are never left to “figure it out” on their own—we help make sense of data so that hospice and palliative care providers can use it to best advantage in their own unique situations.

  4. Do I need help bringing my people together?

    Sometimes the most useful service NHPCO Edge can provide is facilitation. NHPCO Edge consultants can help bring divergent opinions together by listening to all sides before uniting the best elements in a strategy that works for your entire team. We can cross boundaries and build bridges connecting executives, staff and board members alike.

  5. Do we need to make a change quickly?

    Sometimes clients simply lack the internal resources to make a timely change. If you’re struggling with meeting deadlines so you can make prompt planning, budgeting or hiring decisions, NHPCO Edge can help.

  6. Do we have an issue with accountability in our organization?

    Even when strategic direction is clear, there can be a disconnect between strategy and staff implementation. NHPCO Edge works with clients to develop clear timelines and responsibilities for executives and other managers. By clarifying who will do what by when, our clients can ensure direct accountability, connecting staff and board expectations to overall strategy.

  7. Have I found a consultant I can trust?

    NHPCO Edge may be new, but NHPCO has a more than 35-year history of serving hospice and end of life care providers. We have a tremendous stake in the success of our clients, our members, and the future of hospice and palliative care as a field. Our expert consultants have decades of experience, and our clients’ confidentiality is paramount.