Interested in STAR? Begin with the STAR Administrator’s Manual and FAQ’s! 

See Basics and Step 1 below.
Please contact us to begin the process of implementing STAR at your hospice:

STAR is the only staff satisfaction survey designed specifically for the hospice field. STAR was developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with NHPCO.  STAR is a benefit of membership for NHPCO provider members at no additional cost.

NOTE: The STAR Survey preview is for illustrative purposes only; STAR must be completed ONLINE (See Step 2 below)

Step One – Survey Preparation:

STAR background information – An article from the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management.

Step Two – Survey Administration:


  • Implementation of the STAR survey begins by updating your staff roster through the NHPCO main website.  Please contact us for specific instructions on updating your roster (
    NOTE: Each hospice determines when its staff should participate in the STAR survey process. Only staff whose are currently assigned to your hospice’s roster will be able to participate in STAR.
  • Once your staff roster is updated contact us for your STAR Administrator’s Portal login info to begin the survey administration process:

STAR Administrator’s Portal

Step Three – Reports:

Individual Hospice STAR Report: Access to your individual hospice’s STAR report is available through the STAR Administrator’s Portal.  Once you are logged in, select the View Report link to access your STAR report.

National STAR Report: Available for purchase through NHPCO’s Marketplace.  To ensure inclusion of your hospice’s results in the annual National STAR Report, administration of the survey must be completed by December 15 each year.

Questions regarding the STAR survey, participation, or administration can be sent to