NHPCO Compliance Programs at LAC

This week the House of Representatives introduced a bipartisan bill, Helping Our Senior Population in Comfort Environments Act, (the HOSPICE Act) H.R. 5821, to address the concerns identified by the HHS Office of Inspector General about CMS monitoring of hospice, hospice survey deficiencies and patient harm. Providers will remember the Senate legislation (S. 2807) focused on hospice program integrity introduced November 8, 2019.

Issues of quality and compliance cannot be ignored, and NHPCO is working to help you. In addition to the valuable Hospice Compliance Certificate Program we are launching the Hospice Quality Certificate Program at the 2020 Leadership and Advocacy Conference. With an ever-increasing focus on quality and new requirements on data collection and hospice reporting it is essential providers understand the nuances of the programs.

These two programs, will give your staff the skills and education needed now. Both are integral to your organizations’ DNA and everyone on the IDT has a role to play.

Regulatory and Quality related content continues throughout the conference.

Key sessions:

      • Anticipating Risk: How to Implement an Enterprise Risk Management Program
      • A Model in Excellence: Community Partnerships with Acute Care
      • Focusing Auditing and Monitoring Resources on Your Compliance Risk Areas
      • Survey Readiness is NOT Optional! What Can Providers Do?

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If you plan to attend the two-day advocacy event on March 23 and 24 that includes congressional meetings on Tuesday, a separate participation form is required. Details and a link can be found on your LAC confirmation email.