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Chapter 4

Mary Maven Chapter 4

We Can Do This!

End-of-Chapter Questions  


1. Examine your bylaws and board member/advisory board member job descriptions

a. Is the board’s responsibility to quality defined in accordance with the new conditions of participation?
b. Is there a procedure identified regarding the board’s role in quality oversight and direction?
How does the board interface with quality projects in light of the organization’s vision and mission, goals, and budget for the year?

Answer:  Question 1

Your answer to part A should be “yes.”See answers for Chapter 1 &2 questions regarding board descriptions that can be adapted to your circumstances.

2.  What structures and processes are in place to ensure the board’s involvement in QAPI is vital and documented?

Answer: Question 2

  • Board by-laws and the organization’s charter should clarify the board’s role in quality for the organization
  • Board job descriptions should address individual member’s responsibilities for quality improvement activities.
  • Board minutes and agendas should reflect that quality issues and tasks have been raised, discussed and approved.
  • A flow chart or map should be available that shows the organization’s process of quality assessment, identification of problem areas, prioritization of improvement projects, improvement projects, resultsstarting with the Board.

3. Describe the board members’ involvement with the QAPI committee and the board.

Answer: Question 3

Since the board is ultimately responsible for the quality agenda for the organization, board member(s) might be members of the QAPI committee or the committee might report to those board members overseeing quality.  Someone(s) will have to be the link between the quality work and the board in much the same relationship as the Board treasurer has with the CEO/CFO regarding finances.

Construct an organizational chart or a flow chart for quality and assign roles and responsibilities for each position on the chart.