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Chapter 6

We Can Do This!

End-of-Chapter Questions  


  1. What are some strategies you can use to integrate QAPI work into staff’s already very full work load? Discuss strategies aimed at getting staff to test new change ideas? What are some strategies to overcome resistance?

    Answer: Question 1
    “Don’t stir the ocean” with your project. Keep the project manageable. Your eventual goal may be to change the whole organization- just remember to start with one team at a time. Most people do not come to work to do an “OK job”. They want to take excellent care of patients. Get them involved in identifying the problems they see on a day to day basis and ask for suggestions about how to improve.  Give them the structure and the tools, support them, show earnest interest in the project and the outcomes.

  2. What are some ways to make sure that "the change" is being tested in the same way by all those asked to test it?

    Answer: Question 2 
    Talk about the change in group meetings, get staff feedback, write down the steps, order or flow and share with all those who are testing. Get people to talk about the response they are getting to testing the change. Any differences can be explored. Use rehearsal learning or return demonstration in staff meetings to decrease variation in the way the tool is used.

  3. Once tested and shown to be effective in various circumstances and under different conditions, list some ways to “hardwire” the improved process/procedures into the system.

    Answer: Question 3
    Write down the new process/procedure/flow and add it to the policies and procedures. Make it known among staff that this is now expected behavior of all involved. Add pertinent info to job descriptions when appropriate.