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Chapter 8

Mary Maven Chapter 8

We Can Do This!

End-of-Chapter Questions 


1. What are the benefits of sharing success of a QAPI project with the entire team?

Answer: Question 1

Sharing the success and outcomes of your project helps reinforce the value of change and engenders enthusiasm for the project. People can’t support it unless they know about it. They are more likely to see the purpose for the change. Getting people involved often helps resistant staff to adopt new behaviors. In addition, publicly announcing the teams’ commitment to making improvements keeps the team more focused and accountable to others to bring the project to a successful end.     

2. How will you ensure, after reaching your goal, that staff are still utilizing the new procedures/process and that it continues to produce the quality outcome you intended?

Answer: Question 2

Assign a manager/leader to oversee sustaining the improvements and spreading them. Someone in the organization needs to be in charge of maintaining the improvement until it becomes standard practice. Monitor the outcome measure periodically. For example, the outcome may become part of your dashboard if improvement is not maintained, then review processes to ensure that staff members are consistently using practices that led to improvement.

You should also “hardwire the improvement” by making sure the new process is written down in policies/procedures manuals, orientation curricula and reflected in job descriptions.

3. List the resources you have available to you to help you meet the QAPI requirements in the revised (2008) Conditions of Participation.

Answer: Question 3