Private: 2021 Webinar Schedule

Webinar Faculty Web Page

Thank you for being a part of the esteemed faculty for NHPCO’s Webinar Series. We are grateful for your participation and the time and expertise you will devote to preparing and delivering your presentation.

This site will answer most of the questions you may have regarding your upcoming presentation and participation. For additional assistance, contact NHPCO’s Education Team, at

Please review the information below to ensure a successful webinar.

Faculty Checklist

As your webinar draws near, please check in to ensure a successful session:

ASAP: Provide Webinar Details and Sign Disclosure and Release Form
      • Provide a title, brief description, two learning outcomes, your bio and professional photo for your webinar.
          • This information will be used for webinar promotion and to meet CE/CME accreditation requirements.
      • Sign the Faculty Financial Disclosure and Release Form
          • NHPCO endorses the Standards for Integrity and Independence for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), which require that we disqualify individuals who refuse to provide this information from involvement in the planning and implementation of accredited continuing education.
          • Please disclose all financial relationships that you have had in the past 24 months with ineligible companies (see disclosure form).
          • This give NHPCO permission to record the webinar and provide the webinar content in various formats.
          • Although NHPCO will own the copyright for the webinar, faculty is granted non-exclusive rights to the intellectual property, content, and slides/handouts therein.
          • If you have questions, please contact us at
Due 2 Weeks Prior: Create and Send Your PowerPoint Slides
      • Use the webinar PowerPoint Template when creating presentations.
      • The title, disclosure, learning outcomes, key takeaways, and references are mandatory for CE/CME credit.
      • Use high-quality, high-resolution images.
      • Once created, email PowerPoint slides and handouts by the deadline to
      • The NHCPO Education team will review all presentations prior to the webinar to ensure CE/CME accreditation purposes.
      • Accredited education must be free of marketing or sales of products or services. Faculty must not actively promote or sell products or services that serve their professional or financial interests during accredited education.
10 Days Prior: Webinar Practice Session and Link to Scheduled Webinar
      • The Education Department will contact you two weeks prior to your webinar to schedule a practice session and provide the link to the scheduled webinar.
      • NHPCO uses Zoom webinar, faculty are encouraged to be on camera.
1 Week Prior: Prepare for Your Webinar
      • Rehearse the presentation to ensure it adheres to a 45-50-minute timeframe with approximately 10 minutes for questions.
      • Prepare 3 leading questions for the facilitator to ask should no audience questions come in.
      • Consider posing questions to the audience via live polling, Q&A, or even hypothetical What if
      • Encourage participants to examine reference materials/web links/handouts.
      • Consider the use of polling questions to engage attendees throughout the presentation
      • Consider use of case studies with questions for participants to consider.
      • Consider use of assignments, (i.e., compare/contrast xyz, write down 3 things about xyz, etc.)
      • Print a copy of your presentation with notes that will be available once you share your screen.
      • Have a copy of your PowerPoint easily accessible or saved to your desktop that can be shared via Zoom.
Webinar Details/Tips for Success

NHPCO’s webinars are a popular format for professional development. NHPCO has hosted webinars for many years, and we can provide concrete suggestions from past participants to help you ensure an optimal learning experience.

      • Understand the challenges inherent with an “invisible audience”:
          • Participants only experience what they can see on screen; make sure your voice is engaging and energetic. Vary your tone and speed to project your personality.
          • You won’t be able to gauge participants’ reactions or levels of comprehension; consider a “dry” run of your presentation to a live audience in preparation.
      • Make sure that the content you deliver meets or exceeds the learning outcomes for participants.
      • Use NHPCO’s PowerPoint template.
      • Do not read your slides (this is a common complaint from participants). Use slides to highlight or summarize key points, but do not read them! In the words of one participant: “Just send me the slides and I can save time for both of us; I can read them myself.”
      • Use a “conversational” presentation style. A conversational style of presentation is engaging, interesting and is perceived to be more “natural.”
      • Balance theory and conceptual material with tools, skills, application and solutions. NHPCO audiences prefer presentations that include applications that can easily be employed to improve care, increase impact, satisfaction, performance, etc.
      • It may help to stand up as you deliver your presentation. This simple strategy will put you in “presentation mode” and can positively impact your delivery.
      • Vary your presentation by using creative approaches:
          • Provide examples and case studies; stories help “paint a picture” and the audience responds very well to them.
          • Provoke the audience with hypothetical questions to engage thought and personalize the information.
          • Use audience polling questions to engage with the audience (you will learn more about this during an orientation call we will schedule with you).
          • Use underlining, drawing, check marks and other “interactive” features of the website (this will also be demonstrated during your orientation).
          • Include brief activities such as: “Write down 3 ways families cope with stress”.
          • Suggest future activities (ask participants to write specific future agency or personal changes/improvements to implement in response to the webinar).
          • Identify references, resources or learning activities for additional information and follow-up. You may include a references page and/or other resources as a handout to your presentation. Please note that copyrighted materials may not be distributed without the appropriate written permission.
Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be on camera?
Yes, NHPCO uses Zoom Webinar which offers video. You are highly encouraged to be on camera.

Can I use music or video in my presentation?
Playing copyrighted music or video or performing copyrighted music generally requires permission and possible payment of licensing fees. If short music clips or videos are used for educational purposes only; i.e. to demonstrate a point as opposed to entertaining the audience, such usage can generally be considered “fair use” and does not require explicit permission. If, however, full songs or complete videos are used, you must provide NHPCO with written proof that you have received permission from the publisher. Please see Sample permission letter and refer to the U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index.

What does CE/CME Requirement* mean?
NHPCO may provide continuing education/continuing medical education credit for this webinar conference to nurses, physicians, and non-physician healthcare professionals.

Should I use a PowerPoint presentation?
Yes, a PowerPoint highlighting the key points of your presentation is required for webinars (using approved NHPCO template). We recommend that you are diligent about not reading the material on slides to participants; use them only to illustrate key points and as an adjunct to your verbal presentation.

Can I use audience polling during my session?
Yes, please submit your polling questions two weeks in advance if possible.

Why am I required to complete a Faculty Disclosure?
The Faculty Disclosure lets NHPCO know if you have financial relationships with ineligible companies in the past 24 months. An ineligible company is any entity whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients. If you have a financial interest in or affiliation with such an entity, it does not prevent you from speaking, but we must ascertain whether a conflict of interest exists that could compromise our commitment to provide a continuing education that is free from commercial bias. If we determine that a conflict exists, we will work with you to mitigate it.

This is so important to us and to the accrediting bodies that provide continuing education credit that you will be unable to present your webinar if you have not completed/updated your Faculty Disclosure.

What if I can no longer participate?
Please contact us at