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Workforce Excellence

Fostering a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that promotes inclusion, individual accountability and workforce excellence, through professional development, training, and support to all staff and volunteers.


Workforce excellence is when you have world-class employees who are competent, caring and committed to working in an environment that is supportive, who respect and value the uniqueness of their fellow peers, and are both positive and conducive to their work.  Workforce excellence also means that employees are appropriately compensated, recognized, and rewarded.  To the benefit of the employee and the organization, they are continually developed to meet the growing needs of the clients they serve and the organizations for which they work.  In the unique hospice environment, volunteers are recognized as a critical segment of the workforce.


NHPCO has produced a self-assessment checklist for hospices to review their organization’s leadership, mission and vision, resources, and services in respect to workforce excellence.

Members can view the Self-Assessment Checklist for Workforce Excellence.

Pathways to Success

The following steps operate in conjunction with the self-assessment checklist for workforce excellence:

  1. Briefly describe what your organization does to foster a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment that promotes inclusion, individual accountability and workforce excellence.
  2. List the methods in which you keep the channels of communication open so that a “bad” supervisor is not stifling the growth and the voice of those reporting to him or her.
  3. Briefly describe how you keep the spirit of hospice alive in your staff when daily stresses and pressures are always in the forefront.
  4. Reflect on whether you are working with the “whole employee,” just as they are expected to work with the “whole patient.”

National Standards and Preferred Practices

Members can view the chapter on Workforce Excellence

Resources and Tools

Members can view the following in Resources and Tools for Workforce Excellence.

Essential Materials Find key resources that reflect upon the interdisciplinary team and staff leadership and development.

Web Links Find information on other institutions, organizations, resources that focus on workforce excellence.

Quality Partners@ InfoCenter Quality Partners @ InfoCenter offers members access to an online database with over 400 records of resources related to the ten components. Members can either search through the database or click on provided links that will conveniently display a listing of resources under the following headings: Essential Materials, Background Materials, Performance Measures, NHPCO Resources, and Resources Categorized by NHPCO Standards.

Background Materials

The following resources focus on the quality initiative and/or Workforce Excellence. Visit Quality Partners @ InfoCenter to find these and other resources.

  1. Singer, Peter A; MacDonald, Neil. Bioethics for clinicians: Quality end-of-life care. Canadian Medical Association Journal; V. 159, No. 2: pp. 159-162.
  2. Emanuel, Ezekiel J; Fairdough, Diane L; Slutsman, Julia; et al. Assistance from Family Members, Friends, Paid Care Givers, and Volunteers in the Care of Terminally Ill Patients. New England Journal of Medicine; V. 341: pp. 956-963.

Help Desk

If after reviewing the online resources you need additional assistance, contact quality@nhpco.org or the Quality Team at 703/837-1500.