Board of Directors

The NHPCO Governance Committee recruits and selects nominees for election to the Board of Directors from qualified individuals who are committed to NHPCO’s mission and to advancing NHPCO’s Strategic Plan.

Board Nomination Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to serve on the NHPCO Board of Directors.  The open call for board nominations closed July 31, 2019. After reviewing all submissions, the Governance Committee will schedule interviews with qualified candidates. A unified set of questions will be used for these candidate interviews.  Based on the results of the interviews, the Governance Committee will forward a slate of potential board members to fill the vacant seat on the NHPCO Board of Directors. The new members of the NHPCO Board of Directors will be announced at the top of each year.

It is NHPCO’s intention to foster the broadest participation within the membership and assure transparency in the process.

Members with questions about the nomination and/or nomination process should contact Beth Fells at (703) 837-3138.