The Inclusive Hospice Community

Reaching everyone in your community requires leadership and commitment to a strategic approach to meeting the specific needs of those in the communities you serve. The resources below will help providers improve access to end-of-life care through a variety of program development, education, outreach, and marketing strategies.

Continuum of Care

Moral Distress (NHPCO Resource Series)
Moral distress is often defined as knowing what you feel must be done, yet not being able to do it. When situational requirements contradict our individual moral compass, the tension between our desires and the actual actions and/or inability to act can create moral distress.

NHPCO’s Continuum of Care Assessment is designed to walk your organization through a process of determining the types of services available to people in your community and the settings in which they are offered. The Excel Workbook guides you through an 8-step process to guide your organization through this process.

Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care

NHPCO is committed to improving access to hospice and palliative care for children and their families – both nationally and internationally.


NHPCO’s Diversity Initiative seeks to increase access to hospice and palliative care services within diverse communities.  

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Veterans can receive hospice care through the Veteran’s Administration. The VA can purchase hospice services from community providers, including hospice care provided at home or in an institution as an inpatient.  Learn more about NHPCO’s initiative to serve our nation’s veterans at

Hospice and Nursing Homes