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The Hospice MDP is the only comprehensive management training program that provides hospice-specific information and helps managers develop the skills they need to meet the challenges and changes they face managing programs, systems and people.

This dynamic training and development program provides access to national hospice experts and peers in hospice management. The Hospice MDP is offered through national conferences and online learning opportunities.

The Hospice MDP includes three developmental levels.

Level I

Level I consists of a two-day Foundational Course and two additional online modules.

Registration Open for the two-day Foundational Course:

      • Virtual (Offerings in January, May & September 2022)
      • In-person (March 5-6, 2022, in conjunction with the 2022 Leadership and Advocacy Conference)

Information will be posted to this site as it is finalized.

The Foundational Course is the first step in a multi-level developmental program for new and aspiring hospice managers. Starting with the enduring and important values that undergird the provision of hospice and palliative care, the course provides information about hospice regulations and standards, includes a leadership assessment and model to help managers determine employee’s needs, helps develop critical thinking skills in the hospice manager and teaches strategies to employ during interviewing, coaching, feedback and evaluation processes.

Learning Outcomes:

      • Describe a values-based approach to management/leadership
      • Determine the hospice manager’s role in compliance and accountability
      • Assess individual leadership styles and adaptability
      • Discuss the relationship between your “style” as a manager and problem solving and outcomes
      • Define, explain and identify keys to the effective use of behavioral interviewing, feedback, coaching and performance appraisal

Additional Online Modules

Level II

Level II of the Hospice MDP consists of “enhancement” modules. Managers select six that best meet their needs from a menu of options to achieve the Level II Designation.

Online Modules Many of these modules are available in online learning formats; some are available as live learning modules. A minimum of 80% participation in module assignments is required for successful completion toward the Level II Designation. Nurses desiring continuing education credit must complete 100% of the module assignments to be awarded continuing education credit. Level II modules available as four-week, instructor-led online learning

✸Instructor-led online module – View upcoming modules
🖰 Self-paced online module available through NHPCO’s End-of-Life Online

Level III

Level III of the Hospice MDP is the continued professional and leadership development of the MDP participant. Participants will undergo a rigorous assessment process, identify, work on and complete (or demonstrate significant progress toward) a specific professional development goal with a Leadership Coach, evaluate their work toward the goal and identify a goal for continued professional development following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III.  All components are tied to the participant’s organization, ensuring that professional and leadership development advances the potential of the individual within the context of their organization and job responsibilities. Contact education@nhpco.org for more information.

Here’s what participants have said:

      • “Really glad I came to the program. Well worth the time!”
      • “Today was jam packed with information—useful information that I plan to take back and share with my team directors!!”
      • “As a new manager, after this program I feel more confident. Thank you!”
      • “This course was a tremendous help in every area. With this knowledge we can improve so much—best hospice course I ever had.”
      • “This was wonderful and very beneficial.”
      • “The course not only allowed me to assess and look at the employees I have, but it makes me look at myself and my leadership style. I feel empowered me to make some changes in order to become more effective as a manager.”

For more information about the Hospice MDP
Email education@nhpco.org or call 800-646-6460.