What is the Hospice MDP?
The Hospice MDP is a comprehensive, developmental management training program that provides hospice-specific information and helps managers develop the skills they need to meet the challenges and changes they face in managing programs, systems and people. Conceived and developed by national hospice leaders and rooted in the values of hospice care, the Hospice MDP provides a wealth of ongoing learning opportunities in the field of hospice management.
How is the Hospice MDP structured?
The Hospice MDP is divided into three developmental levels. The first, the “foundational level,” includes 7 learning components or “modules.” Five of these modules are included in the Hospice MDP Foundational Course, which is where most people choose to start the Hospice MPD. The five learning modules included in the Hospice MPD Foundational Course (a two-day offering) are:
    • Values-Based Hospice Leadership
    • Regulations and Standards for Hospice Managers
    • Applying the Situational Leadership® Model
    • Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
    • Interviewing, Feedback, Coaching and Evaluation Skills
The two additional modules required for completion of Level I are:
    • Ethics for Hospice Managers
    • Managing with an Eye on Finances
Upon completion of all Level I modules of the Hospice MDP, participants achieve the Level I Designation of the Hospice MDP, and recognition for this significant achievement. Level II of the Hospice MDP consists of “enhancement” modules, and managers select 6 that best meet their needs from a menu of options to achieve the  Level II Designation of the Hospice MPD. Level II modules are:
    • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
    • The Interdisciplinary Team: Key Skills for Hospice Managers
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Inclusion and Access: The Manager’s Role
    • Managing the Changing Organization
    • Managing Workplace Negativity
    • Provision of Services (Regulatory)
The goal of Level III of the Hospice MDP is the continued professional and leadership development of the MDP participant. MPD participants will undergo a rigorous assessment process, identify, work on and complete (or demonstrate significant progress toward) a specific professional development goal with a Leadership Coach, evaluate their work toward the goal and identify a goal for continued professional development following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III. All components of the Hospice MDP Level III are tied to the participant’s organization, ensuring that professional and leadership development advances the potential of the individual within the context of their organization and job responsibilities.
Who can participate in the Hospice MDP?
The Hospice MDP is geared toward new and developing hospice managers or those who have taken new positions and/or have added responsibilities. All managers seeking to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills and to find new tools to increase their effectiveness are encouraged to attend.
Where and when is the Hospice MPD offered?
The two-day foundational course (which includes 5 of the 7 Level I modules) is offered at NHCPO in-person conferences and in conjunction with state hospice organizations across the country.
Is continuing education credit available for the Hospice MDP?
Yes, the Hospice MDP Foundational Course provide credit for nurses and social workers. Online modules provide credit for nurses only. NHPCO has pursued credit for the disciplines of spiritual caregiver but the Hospice MDP course has not been approved to provide continuing education credit for these disciplines.
What is the Hospice MDP “Designation?”
A designation is a mark of achievement. When a participant completes all of the modules that comprise Level I of the Hospice MDP, for example, he/she is awarded the Hospice MDP Level I designation. He/she is recognized on NHPCO’s website as one who has achieved this distinction and he/she receives a certificate of recognition. The Hospice MDP is a “certificate program,” i.e. participants receive a certificate indicating that they have completed specific components of the program. The Hospice MDP is not a certification program. There are presently no valid certification programs for hospice managers. (For information on the difference between certificate and certification programs, see Institute for Credentialing Excellence.)
Who teaches the Hospice MPD?
Hospice MDP faculty are experienced trainers with extensive and diverse knowledge in hospice and palliative care. Each has experience working as a manager and/or brings considerable expertise to the modules taught.
What is a “module?”
For the purposes of the Hospice MDP, a module is a discrete learning component. Each module of the Hospice MDP is focused on specific learning objectives and provides learning and skill-building opportunities. The Hospice MDP modules build upon one another, although it is not required that you complete them in a specific order. Generally, participants begin with the 2-day foundational course, complete the additional Level I modules and then move on to Level II modules until they are completed before embarking on Level III.
Who can host the MDP and how do those arrangements get made?
Hospice state organizations or hospices that can devote resources to the coordination of the Hospice MDP are encouraged to consider hosting the Hospice MDP Foundational Course and/or companion modules. NHPCO provides a “Guide for Partnering Sites” to answer questions about the financial, resource and coordination responsibilities assumed when hosting the Hospice MDP. If you are interested in hosting the Hospice MDP Foundational Course and/or companion modules to your area, please contact NHPCO’s Professional Development Team at education@nhpco.org or 703-647-5178.
What are “online learning” modules?
A number of the modules of the Hospice MDP are available as online learning courses. Online modules are provided in one of two ways:  instructor-led courses or asynchronous, self-paced learning. Instructor-led modules occur over 4 week time period, and participants generally spend 2-4 hours per week completing required assignments. A number of participants take regularly scheduled courses at the same time, providing an opportunity for them to learn together and learn from each other. Reading and online discussion of key learning concepts are essential components of these module. In addition, instructor-led all online learning modules require completion of a test (with score of 80% or higher in order to receive credit for the Hospice MDP or to receive continuing education credit (for nurses). Asynchronous, self-paced modules are available anytime, and are completed by individuals vs. groups. Participants interact with learning concepts and activities, which are reinforced throughout each module.  These modules are available through NHPCO’s online learning portal; End-of-Life Education Online. Modules take 1-2 hours to complete. Continuing education credit for nurses is provided to participants who complete all elements of the module. See www.nhpco.org/mdp for upcoming online learning modules to be offered.
How often are online modules offered?
Instructor-led online modules are offered on a regular and rotating basis; several opportunities to complete each module are offered every year. Asynchronous self-paced online learning modules are available 24/7. Visit the www.nhpco.org/mdp to view the current module offerings.
Do I have to complete all Level I modules before I can take Level II modules?
No; we encourage you to take the modules that will best meet your developmental needs. The components of the Hospice MDP Level I and Level II do not need to be completed in a particular order.
Does the Hospice MDP have to be completed within a specific timeframe?
No, the Hospice MDP can be completed at your pace and according to your needs.
How does the Hospice MPD compare to the Hospice Administrator’s Certificate Program (HACP)?
The HACP is not sponsored by NHPCO; it is a program of The Corridor Group (corridorgroup.com). We recommend that you compare the specific objectives of each program to determine which would be a better fit for your needs.
How do I register for the Hospice MDP?
You can register online. Visit the Hospice MDP page on our website for more information Please note: Due to administrative constraints, if you are registering for instructor led module less than 2 business days prior to the module start date, there is a late fee of $25. Late registrations are processed only over the phone; call NHPCO’s Solutions Center at 800/646-6460. Please have credit card information ready for phone registrations.