Evaluation of Grief Support Services (EGSS)

The EGSS survey is designed to evaluate grief support services from the perspective of the recipients of the services. The survey takes a comprehensive approach by including questions on a wide range of services, many of them optional so that hospices may tailor the EGSS survey to reflect the specific services they offer.

Survey of Team Attitudes and Relationships (STAR)

Job satisfaction is linked to staff morale, productivity, and turnover, as well as quality of patient care. Assessment of staff job satisfaction provides important feedback that leaders can use to make needed changes in organizational culture, processes, and improvement to the work environment. STAR can be used by hospice and palliative care leaders to “take the temperature” of their workforce in order create the best possible work environment. Participation in STAR provides valuable information to you and to NHPCO who will incorporate your data into a national-level STAR report that all providers can use to determine workforce trends.

Measures of Excellence (MOE)

The Measures of Excellence (MOE) is a quarterly data collection tool and dashboard that are important components of the Quality Connections program.  The MOE tracks operational and clinical data to inform high quality care.