Hospice is healthcare that cares more and costs less. The Hospice Action Network is dedicated to preserving and expanding access to Hospice care in America. We connect Advocates and provide them with the tools they need to fight for the hospice cause at home, in Washington, and online.

Current Legislative Priorities

      • Ensuring that we reach all eligible patients in need of our care, regardless of setting, for as long as they need our services
      • Protecting the integrity and structure of the Medicare hospice benefit.
      • Assuring quality is not compromised, and that our founding philosophy is an ongoing focus.
        Protecting the focus on the patient and family-centered care.
      • Exploring new – and necessary – models of care that will expand access and heighten quality to growing and changing populations.

Learn what our Members have indicated are the most important issues facing our community. Compiled from our annual Legislative Survey, over 500 Members contributed to our 2020 Hillbrief