Save time, renew online!
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CEOs/Executive Directors, Primary Contacts, Roster Managers, and Membership Contacts can renew their organization’s membership online.


Renew Online – Pay by check
You can complete the online form, print it and mail it with your dues payment.

Need Help?  Need a Renewal Form?
NHPCO’s Solutions Specialists can send you a renewal form, help you with login information, update your organization roster, and other questions.  NHPCO Solution Center 800-646-6460,

Paying by Mail?

Mail To: NHPCO, PO Box 71178, Charlotte, NC 28272-1178
Remember: Include your NHPCO ID Number on the check and include the renewal form when mailing your payment. If you are not sure your accounting department will include your
Renewal Form with the payment, please email the form to

Paying by ACH/ETF?

Send to: Atlantic Union Bank, 1800 Robert Fulton Dr, Reston VA 20191
Bank ABA Number: 051403164
Account Number: 8524083842

Remember: Include your NHPCO ID Number in the ACH Remittance and email your renewal form to The renewal form is required to process your renewal.

NHPCO Federal Tax ID: 541096334