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Value of your Hospice Provider Membership:

Hospice Provider Renewal

Save time, renew online


      1. Click Renew, to start the process
      2. From your profile page, select “Renew Org Membership” on the left navigation bar.
      3. Select “NHPCO Online Renewal” at the bottom center of the page
      4. The renewal “wizard” leads you step-by-step through the renewal process

If you prefer, You can still send a check. Simply complete the online form, print it, and mail it with a check.

System Limitation: One must pay in full online and cannot select installments.  To select installments please print the form or request a renewal form from our Solutions Center at  With that form you can also make updates to your location(s) and contacts.

Need Help?  Need a Renewal Form?

NHPCO’s Solutions Specialists can send you a renewal form, help you with login information, update your organization roster, and other questions.  NHPCO Solution Center 800-646-6460,