Hospice MDP Level III Overview

The goal of Level III of the Hospice MDP is the continued professional and leadership development of the MDP participant. MPD participants will undergo a rigorous assessment process, identify, work on and complete (or demonstrate significant progress toward) a specific professional development goal, evaluate their work toward the goal and identify a goal for continued professional development following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III.   All components of the Hospice MDP Level III are tied to the participant’s organization, ensuring that professional and leadership development advances the potential of the individual within the context of their organization and job responsibilities.

Hospice MDP Level III Description

Hospice MDP Level III participants will first complete a 360° assessment (Benchmarks®*) that will provide feedback on key competencies and the individual’s leadership potential. Colleagues, direct reports and the individual’s supervisor will each complete an assessment of the MDP participant’s abilities in specific areas.   An NHPCO Leadership Coach will talk with the individual prior to the assessment to help him/her identify the people who will offer a wide range of perspectives on the individual’s performance.

Following completion of the assessment, the Leadership Coach will meet with the individual (by conference call) to discuss the results of the assessment and assist the individual in identifying one short-term development goal designed to:

      • Improve performance;
      • Advance skills in a specific area; or
      • Further professional development in a specific direction.

The short-term goal will align with the organization’s needs and expectations and will be one that will enhance the individual’s performance in service to the organization.  The individual will next identify specific action steps he/she will take to meet (or demonstrate significant progress toward) the chosen goal, completing a Development Plan that is discussed with and endorsed by the leadership coach.

The NHPCO Leadership Coach will meet with the individual twice per month for 3 months to support him/her in meeting an identified goal. Using accepted methods of leadership coaching, the coach will facilitate the individual’s work toward the identified goal. At the close of the coaching relationship, the MDP participant and leadership coach will assess both the progress toward the goal (or achievement of the goal) and outcomes (see Evaluation below). In addition, the individual will identify a new goal that he/she commits to work toward following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III, using the skills, behaviors and patterns that have been established though the coaching process to continue his/her professional development journey.


MDP Level III participants must have successfully completed Levels I and II of the Hospice MDP.


Individual participants will:

      • Enhance their understanding of their strengths and development needs based on a 360° assessment;
      • Create a plan that links needs to a specific professional development goal;
      • Increase self-knowledge, self-awareness, reflection and learning through the leadership coaching process;
      • Focus on skills and perspectives critical to being effective and successful within their organization;
      • Utilize skills, behaviors and patterns learned toward future professional development goals.

The participant’s organization will:

      • Advancement and professional development of a valued manager;
      • Increased effectiveness and success of a valued manager;
      • Ability to further the organization’s goals through the work of the manager;
      • Development of an important role model within the organization;
      • Increase in morale and pride in the organization’s vision and plan for professional development.

Hospice MDP Level III Evaluation Method

The MDP participant and NHPCO Leadership Coach will engage in a formal evaluative process to assess the individual’s work and progress toward the identified goal and assess the outcomes of the individual’s work toward that goal. If further work is needed for the individual to complete the goal, a revised action plan will be created at that time.

In addition, the MDP participant will identify a new goal that he/she commits to work toward following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III, thereby continuing to put into practice approaches and strategies he/she has learned during the coaching process.

The Hospice MDP participants’ successful completion of the Hospice MDP Level III will be determined by the participant and NHPCO’s Leadership Coach as they engage in this evaluation process.  When work is completed to the satisfaction of the coach, the coach will notify NHPCO that the individual has completed Level III.


Results of the Benchmarks® assessment, goal and action plan, coaching sessions working toward the individual’s goal and all related work that the individual completes is confidential and will be known only to the individual and the Leadership Coach. Should the individual’s organization desire information or input into the process, it will be provided only when the individual has granted permission.  Under no circumstances will any information be provided to NHPCO. NHPCO will only receive the individual’s name when the Hospice MDP Level III has been completed or interrupted.

Hospice MDP Level III Participant Responsibilities

MDP Level III participants will:

      • Facilitate the objective assessment of his/her leadership skills and abilities through Benchmarks®
      • Utilize critical thinking and emotional intelligence skills to identify areas of professional development
      • Identify a specific, challenging goal toward which to work
      • Actively participate in the leadership coaching process, following through on all commitments
      • Take specific action steps and reach his/her goal or demonstrate significant progress toward reaching it
      • Evaluate, in collaboration with the leadership coach, his/her work toward the identified goal
          • If goal is not completed, create a specific action plan detailing work to be continued following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III, securing the coach’s endorsement of the plan
      • Develop a plan for
      • Identify a new goal and commit to work on it following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III

Leadership Coach Responsibilities

Only NHPCO Leadership Coaches who have completed specific training in leadership coaching and who utilize accepted coaching standards and procedures are eligible to participate.  Leadership Coaches will:

      • Assist MDP participants in selecting colleagues, direct reports and supervisors to complete Benchmarks®
      • Facilitate access to Benchmarks® , receive results and discuss and analyze with participant
      • Assist participant in identifying a challenging, specific goal toward which to work
      • Provide leadership coaching using accepted methods of practice in a confidential manner
      • Evaluate, in collaboration with the participant, his/her progress and outcomes
      • Monitor MDP participant’s participation in the Hospice MDP Level III process and determine whether expectations have been met
      • Notify NHPCO of the individual’s completion of Hospice MDP Level III

About Benchmarks®

Benchmarks® is a comprehensive, 360-degree assessment tool for experienced managers that measures 16 skills and perspectives critical for success, as well as five possible career derailers. Benchmarks® offers an in-depth look at development by assessing skills developed from a multitude of leadership experiences, identifying what lessons may yet to be learned and helping the manager determine what he/she needs to develop critical skills for success. The assessment, developed, validated and utilized by the Center for Creative Leadership, also provides normative comparison of results with other successful managers, provides ratings for both importance and competence and provides information on potential career derailers.

The cost for completion of the Hospice MDP Level III includes:

      • Benchmarks® assessment and report
      • Eight leadership coaching sessions
          • One to discern who should complete Benchmarks
          • One to discuss results, identify goal and discuss action plan
          • Five coaching sessions to facilitate work toward the goal
          • One  coaching session for evaluation and outcomes review