Designed to provide hospice and palliative care professionals the training and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s complex and evolving healthcare system.

Coming Fall 2020 – Online and On-Demand 

Beyond the Business Case – Operating, Organizing & Sustaining Your Program

This program focuses on operationalizing and sustaining a community-based palliative care program. Whether you are just beginning or a have a mature program, the content is applicable. Program delivery model evolution will be discussed as will the use of metrics to demonstrate program value. Experts from mature programs will share their secrets of success. Participants will learn the importance of identifying and grooming future leaders. Explore how key partnerships are essential to sustainability. Finally, a deep dive into reimbursement, including regulatory, and compliance considerations and payer/provider relationships completes the program. Tools and resources will be provided to enable you to implement an action plan.

Topics Include

      • Eligibility
      • Services
      • Accountability: Metrics and Measurement
      • Lessons from the Field
      • Payment: Medicare Fee-for-Service and Value-based Payment

Learning Outcomes

      • Discuss the value of revisiting the business case
      • Identify one action to evolve your care model for sustainability
      • List three metrics that can be leveraged to demonstrate value
      • List two “successful practices” when providing community-based palliative care services
      • Develop one action item to enhance a partnership to support your program’s sustainability