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Hospice Provider Application


NHPCO asks members to support the organization relative to their capacity. To that end, dues are based on patients admitted in the previous 12 months. Dues are $9.75 per patient admitted in the previous 12 months, with a minimum of $500.

For large programs, the per-admission rate drops to $5 per admission for admissions 2501-5000 and $4 per admission above 5000.

Note, only count unique and unduplicated admissions. If a patient went off service and was subsequently readmitted you should only count them once. Similarly, do not include patients that were admitted more than 12 months ago, even if they were on service within the past 12 months.

Why Join?

Compliance and Regulatory Support – We give you accurate regulatory information, in plain English, to help you reduce your compliance risk.

We help people find you – Member organizations are in NHPCO’s online “Find A Provider” directory.

Community Outreach tools – NHPCO outreach tools save you the time and expense of producing ad agency quality marketing materials. Members have access to We created ad slicks, template press releases, ready-made social media graphics, and articles on hospice and palliative care.

Stay up-to-date – Get the latest news with Regulatory Alerts, weekly NewsBriefs, and quarterly NewsLine.

Support Advocacy – Your membership will support NHPCO’s policy team work on issues including reimbursement, Medicare Advantage, program integrity, and more.

Palliative Care Resources – Members have full access to resources on palliative care program development, strengthening clinical practice, and reimbursement.

MyNHPCO – NHPCO’s online professional networking community, connecting you with hospice and palliative care professionals to find solutions to challenges others have already implemented.

All employees are members – All of these resources are available to your entire staff – lifting your program’s knowledge base and competencies.