NHPCO’s digital retargeting ad program is the optimal way to reach, target, and influence your customers anytime, anywhere.

How Does it Work

Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors of one site and reach those same visitors with ads on other sites. Now you can retarget & advertise directly to NHPCO website visitors & conference attendees post-show & year-round!

Guaranteed Reach

Ad retargeting guarantees sustained, specific exposure to the exact qualified audience you’re trying to reach. No more guessing whether or not your ads are reaching the right people or if they’re being seen by your potential customers.

Quantifiable ROI (Return on Investment)

Detailed analytics & reporting allows you to see your ad campaign results in real-time, including the number of times your ad has been seen, number of clicks on your ad, and the geographical locations of where your ad has reached.

# of Impressions
Ultimate Impression 6 months 100,000 $5,995
Premium Impression 3 months 70,000 $4,495
First Impression 1 Month 35,000 $2,495

Ad Sizes and Specs
Please use the exact dimensions shown below when preparing your ad (provide ad in 3 dimensions). Ads should be in jpg or gif format.