Training, tools and resources for NHPCO member hospice bereavement programs to initiate or expand community services following opioid-overdose deaths.

More than 49,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in 2017 and more family members joined the ranks of the bereaved, a trend that is expected to continue. Many hospice bereavement programs have begun to include those grieving death by opioid overdose in the services they offer to the community and have begun collaborating with local service providers who understand addiction and addictive family systems to help them do so in a responsible manner.

The training, tools and resources provided here will help NHPCO member hospice programs understand addiction, its impact on families, the unique aspects of bereavement following death due to opioid overdose and the types of services that can be developed. Whether you are initiating or expanding services to the unique population of the bereaved, you’ll find valuable information here.

Selected Training Resources for Bereavement Professionals on Opioid Addiction and Bereavement Following Opioid Overdose Deaths

Hospice Bereavement Services Following Death Due to Opioid OverdoseA Toolkit for Bereavement Professionals.

Webinar Series: Bereavement Services Following Opioid-Related Deaths – Training for Hospice Providers

This Webinar Series is designed to help those who want to expand their services to this population as well as those who are already providing them. Focusing on understanding opioid addiction and its impact, the unique and significant aspects of bereavement for this population and learning directly from affected family members will further hospice bereavement staff’s knowledge and understanding in responding compassionately to these grievers.

The Series was recorded in October 2019 and is free for NHPCO members.

Webinar 1: Understanding Opioid Addiction and Its Impact

Webinar 2: Unique and Significant Aspects of Grief following Opioid Overdose Deaths and How Hospices Can Help

Webinar 3: Bereaved Family Members’ Perspectives and Funding Opportunity for Hospice Bereavement Programs