The 2019 National Data Submission period is currently Closed.

The National Data Set represents a comprehensive compilation of often hard to find, and timely data points on hospice clinical and operations data.  This is instrumental in providing industry insights, supporting advocacy efforts, and providing useful benchmarking data to Hospice providers that aids in refining strategic goals, setting operational targets and staffing levels, and improving care delivery.  This data includes information on:

      • Who provides care;
      • Who receives care;
      • Where care is provided;
      • The range and quality of hospice services;
      • Staffing Levels:
      • And other important demographic, cost, and payer data

Where else can you get timely industry data beyond your own operational systems to benchmark against?

A free copy of the results will be made available to all survey participants who complete the survey.  In addition, the NHPCO will raffle off the following highly valued gifts for those who complete the survey before the deadline.  Gifts include the following:

      • 2 Free passes to NHPCO’s 2020 Virtual Conference (July 22-23)*
      • 2 Free passes to NHPCO’s Virtual Interdisciplinary Conference (October 2020)*

*Note: only 1 gift per organization.

Step One – Data Collection

      • 2019 NDS Survey: Use this document link to help you organize and collect data before you enter it into the survey system.  This will help save time and minimize data entry challenges.
      • To submit data, please scroll down to Step two and click on “Enter Data Here” to log in. The survey is open to all hospice providers.

Step Two – Data Submission

There is no fee to participate—only your time to collect and report your data.

You can access the Survey through the “Enter Data Here” Link below. 

If you have difficulty accessing the Survey or have questions please contact NHPCO Solutions Center at 800-646-6460 or send us an email at

Note: If you’re coming back to edit your responses, you must use the link provided at the end of your survey or email  Editing cannot be accessed through DART.