Private: National Data Set (NDS)

NDS Confidentiality

National Data Set Confidentiality Statement

The National Data Set represents a comprehensive compilation of data on hospice operations, including: who provides care, who receives care, and the range, cost, and quality of hospice services.

NHPCO works to protect all provider data that is gathered as part of the organization’s National Data Set project and assures our members of confidentiality and protection of data collected. All data contained in the National Data Set Report is always aggregated and anonymized to ensure confidentiality.

The data is maintained in NHPCO’s secure survey platform hosted by Qualtrics where it is carefully protected.  An Analyst at NHPCO will access this data for purposes of performing analytics and aggregating data for the NDS report. The select NHPCO Analytics and IT staff who have access to data are bound by confidentiality and non-disclosure.

Safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorized access to the raw data, or the association of a provider with the data that has been submitted. The data is not destroyed but stored in a secure project file only accessible only by select Analytics and IT staff should it ever be needed for reference or to augment other survey responses. No NHPCO members or staff outside of the designated Analytics and IT team have access to the data.

When or if a consultant is ever used to assist in a data project for NHPCO, they will be bound by both a SOW and appropriate confidentially/non-disclosure agreement. Data used is any report is aggregated to ensure anonymity of responses.  All reports also are reviewed internally for both accuracy and appropriateness before being made available to NHPCO members.  All NHPCO members that participate in the National Data Set collection receive a NDS summary report that is useful for defining strategic goals, setting operational targets, and improving care delivery.