Hospice Manager Development Program

2019 MDP Courses/Modules

The Hospice MDP is the only comprehensive management training program available that provides hospice-specific information and helps managers develop the skills they need to meet the challenges and changes they face in managing programs, systems and people.

This dynamic training and development program provides access to national hospice experts and peers in hospice management. The program is offered through multi-state training locations and online learning opportunities that can be accessed from your computer, at your convenience, using the latest innovations in web-based learning.

The Hospice MDP is divided into three developmental levels

Level I consists of a  two-day Foundational Course and two additional online modules.

Level II of the Hospice MDP consists of “enhancement” modules, and managers select 6 that best meet their needs from a menu of options to achieve the Level II Designation of the Hospice MPD.

Level III of the Hospice MDP is the continued professional and leadership development of the MDP participant. Participants will undergo a rigorous assessment process, identify, work on and complete (or demonstrate significant progress toward) a specific professional development goal with a Leadership Coach, evaluate their work toward the goal and identify a goal for continued professional development following completion of the Hospice MDP Level III.  All components are tied to the participant’s organization, ensuring that professional and leadership development advances the potential of the individual within the context of their organization and job responsibilities.