If you have recently submitted Measures of Excellence data and did not receive an automated response report confirmation within 24 hours, please email moe@nhpco.org to receive a copy.

What is the Measures of Excellence?

The Measures of Excellence (MOE) is a data collection tool and dashboard which tracks operational and clinical data to inform high quality care.  The MOE Dashboard allows organizations to compare themselves to other organizations for benchmarking. Participants will be able to identify performance improvement opportunities and track their performance improvement efforts through the quarterly dashboard.  This comprehensive data collection and benchmarking report is an exclusive NHPCO member benefit.

Measures of Excellence National Report 2021-2022

Measures of Excellence User Guide and FAQs

Data Protection:
NHPCO has contracted a Patient Safety Organization, the Center for Patient Safety, to support and monitor the data collection, storage, and reporting of our members’ clinical safety data.  You can participate with confidence that your aggregate data remains anonymous and is protected from any misuse.  The CPS PSO also offers educational opportunities and supports our members efforts to prevent future adverse events.

Step One – Data Collection:

Downloadable CSV file to collect data
Printable PDF Measures of Excellence file

Step Two – Data Submission for Quality Connections Participants:
Measures of Excellence can be accessed through the Quality Connections portal in the Measurement Pillar for Quality Connections Program participants

Step Two – Data Submission for Non-Quality Connections Participants and NHPCO non-members
Measures of Excellence access (input your Dart ID to begin the survey and have access to the data dashboard)

Important Dates:

1st Quarter: January – March due by May 12, 2024. Report available on May 13, 2024.
2nd Quarter: April – June due by July 28, 2024.  Report available on July 29, 2024.
3rd Quarter: July – September due by October 28, 2024. Report available on October 29, 2024.
4th Quarter: October – December due by January 28, 2025. Report available on January 29, 2025.

Measures of Excellence access (input your email address to begin the survey )

NOTE: You will not be able to submit data for a quarter once the deadline for data submission has passed. Failure to submit data for a quarter will result in gaps in your individual report and cause inaccuracies in the national response rate.

Step Three – MOE Dashboard Report:

Accessing Your Measures of Excellence Dashboard – User Guide

Access your MOE Dashboard

Technical assistance is available at moe@nhpco.org

View MOE Walk-Through Session: