Join NHPCO on Wednesday, June 5, from 1-2 p.m. ET, as we walk through the Survey of Team Attitudes & Relationships. This session will focus on the key aspects of the STAR employee satisfaction survey, including an overview of the survey process, leveraging the interactive dashboard and analyzing your results. The session is intended for NHPCO members interested in maintaining a pulse on employee sentiment, as well as those considering a change in current staff engagement processes, and related stakeholders. Register today.

STAR is the first staff job satisfaction survey in the field. STAR was developed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with NHPCO. Members who implement the STAR survey in their organization also have access to the national STAR report that provides national-level benchmarking data on workforce trends, allowing them to compare their performance on staff satisfaction measures with national performance data.

2022 National STAR Report

Interested in STAR? Begin with the STAR Administrator’s Manual and FAQ’s! 

Please contact us to begin the process of implementing STAR at your hospice:

STAR is a benefit of membership for NHPCO provider members at no additional cost.

NOTE: The STAR Survey preview is for illustrative purposes only; STAR must be completed ONLINE (See Step 2 below)

Step One – Survey Preparation:

Step Two – Survey Administration:

Implementation of the STAR survey begins by updating your staff roster.  Please use the Sample Hospice STAR CSV – Template to collect the relevant and required information needed to run the STAR survey process.

NOTE: Each hospice determines when its staff should participate in the STAR survey process. Only staff whose are currently assigned to your hospice’s roster, via the csv template, will be able to participate in STAR.

Once your staff roster is updated contact us for your STAR Administrator’s Portal login info to begin the survey administration process:

STAR Administrator’s Portal

Step Three – Dashboard and Reports:

National STAR Report: The National report aggregates and provides data from all participating STAR organizations to provide national-level benchmarks.  To ensure inclusion of your hospice’s results in the annual National STAR Report, administration of the survey must be completed by December 15 each year. The report is made available to NHPCO members in March of the subsequent calendar year.

Questions regarding the STAR survey, participation, or administration can be sent to