The EGSS survey is designed to evaluate grief support services from the perspective of the recipients of the services. The survey takes a comprehensive approach by including questions on a wide range of services, many of them optional so that hospices may tailor the EGSS survey to reflect the specific services they offer.

EGSS Guidelines

Email if you are interested in utilizing EGSS!

Important Dates:

Time Period for
Surveys Received
Data Submission Period
January – June Report     
1st half of year
(Jan 1 – Jun 30)
January 29 – July 15
July – December Report
Second half of year
(July 1 – December 31)
July 16 – January 28

Step One – Data Collection:

The survey resources are accessible to NHPCO members only.  To access the EGSS survey dashboard, you will be asked to log in with your email address and NHPCO password. If you have difficulty logging in as an individual, please email our NHPCO team at  Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Step Two – Data Submission:

The EGSS Portal was updated in 2021 – please use the current link found on this web page to access the Portal. Use the portal to access the link to enter survey data AND view your hospice’s reports.  Your report populates data in real-time so you will be able to view your report immediately.

Enter the Portal

If you do not know the administrator log in and password for your hospice, please contact NHPCO at

Sending EGSS Surveys Via Email
We are excited to introduce the option to email surveys directly to participants. A customized link for your organization is available in your EGSS Dashboard.

Please follow the instructions below for using this link.
EGSS Survey Link Instructions

EGSS Online Survey Cover Letter

NOTE: You must update the number of surveys mailed for each data submission period.  Enter only the total of surveys mailed for the reporting period; do not include prior survey mailing periods in this total. Failure to do so means both your organizations’ and the national response rate will be inaccurate.