The Council of States is a forum of leaders that promotes and enhances quality end-of-life care through state and national activities as a council of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Principal Activities/Focus

      • Strengthen NHPCO and COS members and the relationships between them.
      • Identify key issues that are of concern to NHPCO and/or COS members.
      • Facilitate communication between NHPCO and member state organizations.
      • Assist in the collection, exchange, and dissemination of information on end-of-life issues.
      • Alert NHPCO and COS members to emerging critical issues and work together in crafting solutions.
      • Provide a grass roots arm to extend the reach of NHPCO to the state level and to extend the reach of COS members to NHPCO.
      • Establish vehicles for partnering/partnerships between the states and NHPCO on appropriate projects.
      • Identify and fulfill educational needs of COS members.
      • Participate in the development of NHPCO’s strategic direction, policies, and activities, through Board of Directors and Committee representation.

Please note: The Council of States does not accept applications for service as do NHPCO’s other advisory councils.

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