NHPCO’s Next Generation Leadership Council provides the opportunity for young leaders to have an impact on their national organization to help shape the hospice and palliative care field.

Mission: To lead the hospice and palliative care field in change for increased investment, engagement, interaction, and professional growth between generations in the workforce.

Vision: A health care field where professionals benefit and embrace the lived wisdom, maturation, and insight between generations coming into and leaving end-of-life care.

The Next Generation Leadership council believes in:

      • Engagement: Engaging new professionals entering the field to promote investment and long-term consideration of hospice and palliative care as a dedicated profession.
      • Development: Developing the younger workforce entering the hospice and palliative care field to build professional skills needed for growth.
      • Mentorship/Networking: Fostering partnerships amongst professionals for further engagement, development, and investment in the field.
      • Cultivating Intergenerational Relationships: Developing skills focused on professional growth, respect, and honor for professionals in the hospice and palliative care field between all generations.

The Council is comprised of individuals currently in leadership positions, developing leaders, and those who aspire to become leaders. Help NHPCO strengthen its retention and engagement of young professionals in the field. This is your opportunity to amplify your voice in your national organization working alongside your peers.

Council members are responsible for overseeing and contributing to the operation of the Council. Each member is responsible for maintaining the commitment to NHPCO’s mission by providing opportunities for young professionals to connect with their peers and leadership organization wide.

In addition, members are tasked with actively encouraging young professional members’ participation in, and contribution to, the Organization’s activities, events, programs, and publications. Council members offer input and guidance to NHPCO and the Board of Directors to better meet the needs of young hospice and palliative care professionals.

Full Council member expectations can be found in the Guidelines for Committees and Councils.

Membership affiliation:
Any employee or volunteer of a Provider, Palliative Care, State, or Associate member of NHPCO is eligible to serve on a Committee or Council.Individuals must meet the membership eligibility requirement based on the membership status of their employer. Individuals not belonging to one of these categories may be eligible to serve on a Council upon approval by NHPCO’s Leadership. NHPCO membership information is available at www.nhpco.org/membership or by calling NHPCO’s Solutions Center at 800-646-6460.

Contact: Leah Rivera, Sr. Manager Education & Meetings, 571-412-3979.